How to Earn Money by Writing in UC News

I always remind my visitors to keep writing. Because by writing many things can happen. One of them earn income. If you write on the blog for you is quite difficult to gain money, because Google Adsense does not receive your love letter. Then channel the hobby to write it to another place.

We have very many applications or aggregator services in the world. In Indonesia was already spilled. But not many survive longer, in addition to financial support is lacking, also because the content is sometimes not diverse. Many people suggest to be freelance writers on freelance writer sites. Unfortunately, local sites to host great authors in Indonesia do not yet exist. Even if available, sometimes the award is not humane. How is it possible, one hard-earned piece is only valued at Rp10,000 or Rp20,000.

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Instead of wasting time on the auction site freelance is better to pour out the heart and mind of writing in the application aggregator. Currently, many aggregator applications that can be used as a place to write with satisfactory results. Maybe even more if you just write on your own blog.

Aggregator application in Indonesia which is quite famous like Line News, BaBe or the latest entry into Indonesia is UC News. Alibaba application of this work is already appearing early in the country of origin of China. The founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma himself is one of the richest and influential people in the world.

This article will discuss about being a freelance writer at UC News with a lot of income potential. I have known this information for a long time. Even when UC News was first introduced in Indonesia, I was one of those present at the ceremony.

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Unfortunately, it was due to busyness, not even too concerned with the promised offer. Even when present at the Media Festival Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) Indonesia in Pekanbaru Riau, late 2016 and then, this opportunity was overlooked. At that time I was present as a blogger who was invited to the event.

Long story short, this time we will find out how to become a freelance writer and get dollars from UC News. It's actually quite easy and short to be a writer at UC News. You only need to get invitations from people who are already registered with UC News. Here are the steps.
  • The first thing you should do by visiting the following link
  • If the page opens and the invitation appears like the following picture, you are just left clicking the Join button as a sign that you accept the invitation.
  • Next will be four stages that you must do to register. It's not hard. In the first stage there is a register by filling in the email and password what to use. Before clicking send, do not forget to check the condition.
  • There will be a message that goes into your email. Because the expiration time of email is not long, try to immediately open the email then click the link that is included.
  • You will be herded back to the UC News page and asked to choose the account type, whether Personal or Company. If you are a freelance writer, then choose Personal account, but if you represent the company you choose which company account.
  • The last stage you will be asked to fill in information according to the type of account selected. If the required personal account is only the name of the account, the desired category, the name of the operator, the ID number, the telephone number, the personal website and the NPWP number, whereas if the account type is registered by the company there will be additional information to fill out, Business and company website.

If all the processes are done, you are already registered. You just have to wait for the email notification that the request you submitted has been fully accepted. If the account has diapprove, then in the account will be written Normal with green color.

It's time to make the first writing. If your writing runs successfully on UC News and the number of readers has even 1000 views, then you will automatically get a bonus from UC in the form of money worth Rp60.000 or $ 4.5 USD, because they calculate using the dollar.

If asked later, if the bonus is only Rp60.000 it. The answer is not the case. Although UC News has not paid any of its authors of the successful articles, they offer good cooperation. Because after seven days registered with UC News, you can establish content monetization cooperation. That means, almost the same as the blog that Google Adsense registered.

They will calculate our income from the number of readers. The more articles we upload, the greater the likelihood of getting a satisfactory result. Indeed there is no information what percentage of the division will be done UC with the author, but with a system like this, the possibility of income every time will happen.

There are two methods of payment that can be made to withdraw income from UC News, namely through Payoneer with a drink payment of $ 50 USD and through bank transfer with $ 100 USD income. Please choose which one is better. But with Payoneer cuts will be smaller, because transfer money from abroad let alone the dollar is still high cut to Indonesia.

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By writing in UC News you can work and earn a steady income. They also often do the competitions that prizes are not small. There is even one race that they hold a total prize of up to Rp 1 billion. This competition is only for registered contributors in their account. So what are you waiting for, please develop your writing skills with a definite reader.

Thanks You