PayClick: A Profitable and Proven Advertising Network

I've been emailed by Write, which basically asks about what kind of advertising is available on the internet, especially suitable for blogs. Especially for a blog that is still a toddler plus the resulting traffic has not been so promising.
Some have also asked me what advertising networks are recommended to follow. Because the questioner has repeatedly followed many advertising networks but does not make any money at all. I have also experienced it, and the number is very much.
In this post, I will explain a bit about the PayClick ad network which I accidentally found. From some trusted references, this ad network is promising and proven to generate conversions and pay for publishers.
Here I explain why PayClick should be appreciated and followed.

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What is PayClick?
Broadly speaking, PayClick is an advertising company that allows anyone to make money via the web or personal blog. They guarantee that every advertiser will pay on time and on time.
If you hear the word "paying you for ads installed" still sounds not special. That's also why I'm so excited about writing this PayClick review here. Because of course we all know there are hundreds of companies that "pay you for advertisements that are installed" are not very convincing out there.
So what makes "PayClick special"?
PayClick is a "native-ad" platform Native ad, or native advertising, is an (native / original) advertisement on our website or blog that means that the ads appear to be convincing because they are integrated with the content of our website or blog. The ads do not look like "ads" but rather like articles / aspects / pages and so forth in our website.
These ads can be integrated as "posts / related posts" or often even just as sentences in an article. In essence, PayClick ads do not look like bad banner ads (Although native banner ads are also available!)
In short, PayClick ads do not look and feel like ads. They analyze what users want and give it to them, not just display random ads that will not be clicked by anyone. That way the income potential will be much greater.

Here are some data that support why this type of advertising is quite potential.

  • Native ad visibility ("attention" of visitors) if calculated the possibility of 52% greater than normal banner.
  • Native In-feed ads (in-feed) are 25% more consumers than regular ads.
  • Brand affinity is found to be up 9% compared to common banner ads.
  • Buying intentions also increased 18% with native ad compared to general advertising.
  • 71% of people say they "really need" the product featured in native ads compared to only 50% of people with general advertising

This data was launched in 2013. The number has continued to rise in the last four years. (Because it's now 2017.)

Get familiar with PayClick Features

Easy To Get Started

The first and foremost reason why I am writing this PayClick review is because it accepts ad publishers even if you are really beginners with very low traffic statistics.

They have a policy No Minimum Traffic is required to join PayClick. This means that even if you only have a one week old blog, still can join PayClick, they do not discriminate between professionals and beginners.

Even when registering we can choose monthly traffic from this default list so that everything is clear. Other ad networks out there have a disreputable reputation for refusing requests on the basis of "Low Traffic". So less one problem you have to worry about.

No Waiting Period

After filling out the registration form, it only takes about 10 seconds to get a confirmation E-mail and you can login directly to your Admin panel at PayClick. Now compare with the waiting period of weeks from Google Adsense or at least days with other ad networks out there.
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Native Ad

As I mentioned earlier, Ads with PayClick are not traditional banner ads but native ad or native ads. These types of ads blend well with the website content and therefore have a reputation of getting high conversion rates.

The Many Payment Methods

Another big problem with almost any ad network from abroad is the payment method. It feels like they do not want to pay. Most of them only support some major platforms like Paypal or maybe interbank transfers (and that too with many shortcomings such as "big pieces".)

But with PayClick you do not have to worry about getting issues related to withdrawing payments. They support a variety of payment options including Paypal, E-payment, Payoneer, and of course Tranfer bank! In short, you will have no trouble in attracting payments.

Instant Instant Setup

The widget you get from PayClick does not require that you have a Phd in computer science to be able to integrate it into a managed website or blog. You get the HTML code directly after saving the widget which then you have to do is copy-paste (copy-paste) the code to your website.

Supports CPM / CPC Format

CPC: - You get paid every CLICK you get! (Of course the origin is a click that matches the rules!). And you will get 50% of the advertiser's fees. This means that no matter what an advertiser paid PayClick for that click, you get 50% of that amount. I think it's a very profitable profit sharing.

CPM: - You can use CPM ads if your site has large traffic. That way there's no need to wait for "clicks" to make money, but you'll get paid in the ratio of every 1,000 hits or every 1,000 ad impressions!

So even if no one clicks on your ad and displays certain ads / banners in a certain amount, you'll still get paid!

Minimum Withdrawal Limit

If you look in Adsense, every minimum publisher must collect $ 100 to get paid, as well as other overseas Advertising Networks. But not with PayClick. With PayClick you can withdraw your money immediately after reaching just $ 20!
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So that's all I want to say in this PayClick review. I have mentioned all the main points of the reason I am writing this PayClick review, and I strongly believe this paper can give you a pretty clear picture of this platform.

Even if nothing else, just two points: "no minimal traffic" and "very low money withdrawal threshold" made me choose PayClick over other ad networks!

Of course signup or registration is free, so why do not you open, sign up, and try it out for yourself? After all, nothing to lose. Calculate there is a new source of income that can be maximized from our personal blog or online company.

Please share with me your experiences and opinions about PayClick in the comments below, we would also be very grateful if you clicked the share button and spread this post to your friends' social network media. Because sharing goodness is cool !.