The Easiest and Complete Way to Get Money from Infolinks always says, there are many easy and inexpensive ways to make money from blogs. One of them by running Google Adsense.
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However, if you have not received Adsense publiser until now, no need to be discouraged to break the charcoal in developing blogs, there are many other alternatives that can be done. One of them is register Infolinks.
What is Infolinks?
Infolinks is one of the In-text advertising service providers established since 2007, which allows Web Content owners or so-called Web Publishers to benefit from In-text advertising in the form of advertising revenue without any risk. Infolinks also provides competitive sharing of results to Web Publishers or blogs as well as by Google Adsense, Adbrite, Kontera and other earning sites.
Infolinks are included into the Text Pay per Click advertising type that targets text ads in the form of a keyword-appropriate link to your articles, web pages, or blog posts.
To earn revenue from blog passively with CPM program, of course Infolinks is not the best way. But Infolinks remain a great alternative especially for beginners. Infolinks ads ratios clicked by visitors are much larger than Google Adsense. That's because the ads that run are mingled with content or articles.
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Terms Sign up Infolinks
Although Infolinks basically supports all types of languages, but still there is an absolute requirement that must be met when first registering. Here are some things to consider before applying to Infolinks are;
  • Have your own blog or website with main English, German or Spanish language. *)
  • The number of posts in the blog has reached at least five seeds.
  • Blogs that have been registered at least have uniqe visitor every day, the number is not the main thing.
About the English, German and Spanish requirements above, is only required when first registering in Infolinks. Once accepted, you can put the script on the blog in Indonesian language. But bloGoooblok ~ is trying to register directly using the blog in Indonesian language. (Trying ...)

How to Register Infolinks

If you are interested in registering with Infolinks and feel that you have met the above requirements, then follow these steps:
  • Go to the Infolinks page
  • On the homepage page, click Get It Now
  • The form will appear, fill in the requested data. At the top enter your blog URL and at the bottom, fill in the data about you, your name, email and password. You can also easily sign up with a Facebook account. Then click Join .
  • Next you will be asked to link the Infolinks script with your blog. Can choose Javascript that applies to all CMS platforms or directly choose WordPress or Blogspot. If already installed on blog click Done . You can also install this next time.
  • How to install the script can be placed anywhere in </ body> . For example, below bloGoooblok ~ put it above the </ body> tag in the HTML settings.
  • If it has then will appear welcome to Infolinks. This does not mean you are accepted by Infolinks. They will do a review of your application. It takes 2 days or 48 hours until the reply letter is received.

From the experience of registering an English blog, usually, when accepted to be a publiser Infolinks, the ad will immediately appear on the blog. They will mark keyword keywords that target. You can also access your publisher dashboard and make further adjustments.

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Infolinks Ad Types

In addition to text ads that are directly linked to certain keywords in blog posts, Infolinks also provides other types of ads. The following types are provided.
This type of ad will appear at the bottom of the blog. The form usually floats when someone visits the blog.
This is the type of advertising most widely used by Infolinks publishers. These ads will appear in blog posts by targeting certain keywords.
This type is the same as contextual ads belonging to Google Adsense. There will be a line of words or tags that can bring up ads.
This type will appear outside of your template. Sometimes the appearance is popup on the right and left of the blog.
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How Does Infolinks Make Payments?

This question is usually always the most important for publishers. As for the amount of fee Infolinks will give no limitations at all. The more your income will be the better.

But the new Infolinks will pay you when your earnings reach the minimum payout limit of $ 50 if using a Paypal account or $ 100 if using Bank Wire (Bank Transfer) and Western Union. The new disbursement takes 45 days after the last day of minimum payment.

To be able to select a payment method, you can do so in Payment Settings on your Infolinks account dashboard. If it has been successfully accepted as a publisher of Infolinks. And one more important thing, running Infolinks advertising can be done simultaneously with Google Adsense. Read the full terms here.

That's some general information and money-making steps from blogs with Infolinks. Hopefully useful and successful always. If you have any questions or experiences about Infolinks, there's no harm in sharing your experience in the comments field.

Thank you!