√ Sulvo: If Your Income Is Not Bigger, We Pay $ 500!

One more I found Adsense Adsense network is very good, namely Sulvo .

The first time I found out about Sulvo for getting an offer from them via email. Then I opened their website and found the front page very simple, clean and impressed 'cheap'.

Can money from sulvo

But I am interested in the article "If you can not make more, we will pay you $ 500 *" . Or they promise, if you can not get bigger results from ads-network you used before, they will pay for $ 500!Out of curiosity, I finally filled out the registration form and 1 hour later got a reply that account for me has been made.

Then I create a new ads-zone, and install it in PortalUang as much as 2 units, in the sidebar and in the middle of the content for articles that are more than 800 words, because inside the content there are 3 ad units from Adsense.For one week I put it up. The result? Wow .... Exceeded my expectations at the beginning. With only 2 units (that's what 1 automatic unit only appears on long articles), the average RPM value I got was $ 2.8. That's about 25% higher than my average Adsense monthly average RPM last month.

I'm more curious, I ended up leaving only 1 Adsense ads and only ads from Sulvo as much as 3 units in the content, and want to see the results in the next week.

And sure enough, the results that I get 18% greater than the results of Adsense in the previous week.

So true. What it promises is that they are able to deliver revenue more than ever, proven indeed.

Ad type, optimization, help and payment

The types of ads provided by Sulvo are just banner, responsive and video ads. There is no text ads option.

But for those of you who have been accustomed to seeing Google Adsense ads, will not be surprised, because for 2 weeks I run Sulvo, it appears that most of the ads are advertised AdWord complete with the words 'Ads by Google' in the upper right corner.

That's why if you've been a frequent visitor to PortalUang and visited 2 weeks back, maybe see there are 5 units of Adsense content that appear. Truly it is not Adsense ads but ads from Sulvo. And Sulvo own party states that you should only display a maximum of 5 ad units (including Adsense ads) if you also run Adsense.

One thing I like about Sulvo is their help or support system . They swiftly answered many of the questions I asked. This you will not get from Adsense if your earnings have not reached at least $ 25 / week for 6 weeks in a row.

For payment can be done by transfer to bank account.

But here, you will not find the option to customize the look and style of the ads. There is no font and color setting or anything like in Google Adsense. Performance reports are also displayed in a simple and not as complicated Adsense.

But apart from that all, Sulvo could be one alternative or even replace Adsense ads, with a higher average CPM bid (based on the results I get) .

Then why do not I continue to use Sulvo in My website?
Maybe that's your question. If indeed Sulvo gives bigger results than Adsense, why does PortalUang not continue using it?

Okay. The only reason I 'stay faithful' with Adsense, is because I run the Adsense Sharing program on this blog. The system is running and the author here is also comfortable using Adsense. If I switch 100% to Sulvo, that means I have to build the system from scratch again, and with the lack of customization provided by Sulvo I'm not sure I can run a similar program using Sulvo.

But, I will still run Sulvo on some of my other websites, or later if one day I build a new blog.

In conclusion: if you're looking for an Adsense alternative, or want to try other ads-networks that offer greater results, you can try Sulvo.