√ How Can You Make Money From a Blog Like Me?

A busy conversation among bloggers is always about making money from blogs . Can we really earn money from blogs? How big? How long will it take? What to do?

And many more questions about it. The bottom line: how to make money from blogs is something that is endlessly discussed.

Well, let me start with the basic question:

- Is making money from blogs easy? No!

- Does it take long enough to make money from blogs? Yes!

- Does it need high traffic to make money from blogs? Yes!

Yes, if there are things I have to say the first time about earning money from blogs, then the three questions above that I honestly want to convey to you.


Because I still find many bloggers acting as if making money from blogs is something very easy, while on the other hand, there are so many promising websites that will teach you how to make money from blogs quickly and in a very easy way. Rest assured: that's not true! Or at least, that's not true for 99% of most bloggers.

Therefore, I will not stuff you with information as you can from such websites / sites. But I want to convey the real reality of blogging .

Should I blog for money?

I've often delivered on numerous occasions, that I started blogging since 2008, and it's true. Was it the first time I made my blog intend to earn money? Absolutely not!

I started blogging because I was interested in the internet world in how to share information and communication, and yes .. I like to share my experiences and opinions.

The point is what? That way, my passion and desire to share has taken its place from the beginning, then I can develop a blog that is quite crowded. If only, when I first blogging for the sake of reaching money (like most other people do) , I'm not sure I can achieve what I achieve today. Most likely I've failed all the way.

Well, here's the important thing I have to say. And this is also an important thing for you to realize immediately: do not blog just for the money! It's just as bad as you blog about something you do not like, both of you will soon be bored, bored and quit.

I'm not saying or denying that you're really making money from blogs. But what I mean is, to ensure that willingness and sharing intentions must take place first instead of mere money dancing in the eyelids. Because if so, your 99% will fail.


Because you did not produce anything for a long period of time and that's something 'unsettling'. If money is the only motivation, you will soon stop.

Then how long to really be able to make money from blogs consistently with a nominal that is not just enough to pay the internet bill? I say: 2 years! That's my own experience, also from the analysis of many other successful bloggers.

As stated earlier, that you need high traffic in order to make money from blogs. The question:

How to reach traffic?

This is really a very broad topic. Topics that have been reviewed and written over the years by many people. So I can not give a short step how to achieve significant traffic for a blog.

Nevertheless, I can convey some basic things that I've learned and do myself from year to year, how to bring traffic to my blogs:

1. Make sure your blog is optimized for search engines

Inevitably, we talk about SEO (something I really hate to discuss it), but it must be admitted that it is something very basic that must be willing to be studied by every blogger who wants to reach traffic.

And for this matter, websites like SEOMoz , SEO Round Table and Search Engine Land , are a major source for anyone looking to learn about SEO. Please you learn right from there.

2. Write unique and interesting content

Although I put this in second order, this could be the most important thing for your blog. Writing interesting content as well as, will attract people to read it, attract people to share it. Write compelling content, get you a special place in the overcrowded blogging world.

I find nothing else to beat the importance of writing compelling content for the development of a blog.

More about unique content. This is also a very important thing. The search engines hate duplicate content, and if you copy it or take it from somewhere else, Google will know it and give you a penalty reward, your blog alias will not be indexed by them.

Again, blogging is about writing, writing content, writing quality content, writing unique content, typical of your own voice. Remember that forever!

3. Connect other readers and bloggers

Fostering good relationships with readers and other bloggers, make a big difference to the traffic I'm getting. I always take the time to reply to incoming emails and comments. Write guest articles on other blogs. Actively discuss in various forums.

In essence, forming a community and active in it, is important for bloggers who want to go forward.

Those are the 3 basic things I do to achieve traffic for my blog. Now comes the main question:

Then how do I make money from blogs?

There are many ways I do to make money from blogs. Some ways fail, some succeed, some produce but only enough to buy a friend's cup of coffee at night.

Well, here are ways to make money from blogs that work very well for me, and most likely will work well for you too.

1. Google Adsense

If you are an interested person can make money from blogs, surely you've heard about Google Adsense .

The way it works is quite simple:

    Creating a blog
    Sign up for Adsense
    Put an ad on a blog
    Make money! (Yihauuu ... ..)

Every time someone clicks on his ad, you get a certain amount of payment, after accumulating $ 100, the money will be sent to your account. Very simple.

But running Adsense successfully, not as simple as the above work. There are many factors that must be taken seriously.

More complete, please learn about Google Adsense more in portal-money. I have very much reviewed it. If still confused from where,

2. Affiliate Marketing

The theory is also simple, you just need to recommend, market products from other companies through links and banner ads. When a sale happens, you get paid.

There are so many products available for affiliate marketing. You just need to find a product or service that matches the topic of your own blog.

3. Direct advertising

This is the method or the most difficult way for bloggers, because in order to do it with maximum results, you must have high traffic first. But, once that's fulfilled, here's the best way to make money from a real blog.

To get started you have to establish rapport with a brand owner or a particular company. Offer them how you can help increase their brand awareness or sales. Also need to prove that you have enough traffic.

Do not be embarrassed to get in touch with companies that are engaged in the topic of your blog. Send them an email, give the reason why your blog is the right place to promote. Do not despair, if one, two, three times you get no response or reply in the form of 'no word'. Keep trying.

Once everything is going well, then you really have a source of income that will continue to flow from your blog.