√ Review Yllix | Adsense Alternative Ad Network

Ads Review - Yllix is ​​one of the ad network in Indonesia which in our opinion is still one of the best to be an alternative to Adsense. Why ? Because the ads from Yllix banner is good and not only show banner download - just download like other ad networks.

Yllix .inc is an ad network based in Panama City, Panama. Yllix itself already supports Indonesian language. And of course receive traffic from the country of Indonesia.

Terms for registerpun quite easy and there is no special requirement to be received so their publisher. Just sign up to be a publisher and will quickly receive a notification to approve your site.

Advertising system from Yllix based CPM, CPC, CPA. Supports banner ad formats 300 × 250, 468 × 60, 728 × 90, 120 × 600, 160 × 600, 300x50 (mobile), PrePop, PopUp, PopUnder, Redirect Mobile. Quite complete well.

Example ads from Yllix:

Rate eCPM / Paid from Yllix
With CPM system, CPC or CPA, here is a sample statistic from Yllix that we took from one of our website.

If viewed from the statistics from the picture above, eCPM value of yllix-was not much different from other adsense alternative network it. Small enough, between 0.02 $ to 0.03 $.
With eCPM segitu and impression between 22 thousand to 28 thousand , earnings are obtained between 0.5 $ to 0.9 $ . I think earning segitu already pretty good, because the above statistics only use regular banner ads. Of course not as big as if using popup or popunder type ads. But if viewed from the number of impressions that reach 20 thousand more, should be able to get more than 1 $ per day.

Payout from Yllix
Payout (PO) from Yllix can use Paypal, Payza, Skrill with minimum payment only 1 $ . Can also with Wire Bank but the minimum payment reaches 100 $.

The advantages of Yllix are in terms of PO. Minimum Payout is only 1 $, and plus the payment period can be done per i if the balance meets 1 $. Cool is not it? This is the encouragement for bloggers, because it can be PO every day and no need to wait long.

Here's proof of payment from Yllix via Paypal:

Yllix is ​​highly recomended to be installed as an Adsense alternative. But with a blog or site note you have a decent visitor. Because the income is still practically small if compared to other ad networks type of popunder.

Please if friends want to try it. The above reviews are for comparison only if friends want to advertise from yllix or not.