√ Review of Adsterra Deficiency Advantages and How to Register

Adsterra Review lack and excess with the list - 2 weeks ago kang erik tried to put adsterra popunder ads on this blog. Initially just try it, remember kang erik already hurt with the CPM mobicow and poptm latter plunge free even to touch the number 0.5. Starting from trial and error, finally kang erik find many unique and interesting things about Adsterra. What are the interesting things, let us consider the following discussion:

    Best CPM (current)

Yes, after trying popads, poptm, adnety, mobicow, revenuehits and so forth. Nowadays kang erik concludes that Adsterra is the most profitable. Impression value is quite large and CPMnya value is always above 1 dollar for web-language Indonesia. This is of course good news for agan cysts who have web-speaking Indonesia and can serve as an alternative to adsense that should be taken into account.

The determination of its own CPM value is quite unique. Initially kang erik think Caucasian blog kang erik not match with adsterra, it turns out there are also matching loh . In conclusion, depending on Niche. For Indonesian blogs with the same niche as kang erik, usually the value of CPM above 1 dollar and even sometimes close to 2 dollars. Niche Indonesian law of 1 dollar range. Niche download and mp3 CPM value below 1 dollar. Niche home with foreign visitors, CPM value ranges from 5 to 7 dollars. For other niche please try it, kang erik do not have blog with various niche.

One of the proof, see screenshot below:

The picture above is screenshot of adsterra earnings from blog niche home bule with 200-300 visitor per day.

    CPM and CPA (I think)

This kang erik not sure 100%. So this way, initially kang erik think Adsterra is paying through CPM, CPC and CPA but after paying a few days, there are clicks ads or none that click advertising income is not much different. It might be different if there is a conversion from CPA. For this CPA kang erik still less tau menau. Take a look at the following screenshot, note the number of clicks:

If agan sista have more info about this please just comment below yes, hehe.

    The pay could be a month twice (he said)

This is still said because kang erik not payout though. Maybe next month can just give you a review about the payment of adsterra. But from the web itself says that the payment is made 1 month 2 times that every date 1 or 2 and the date of 16 or 17 each month. The important thing agan cysts can ngumpulin at least 100 dollars perdua week alone, would be liquid 1 month two times. If a new month can ngumpulin 100 dollars, which means payoutnya once a month hehe.

    How to list adsterra

For agan sista who interested to follow adsterra advertising program to earn income from blogs please just list in this link .

Please just fill the registration form correctly then click sign up. If you have successfully registered, please agan sista login to adsterranya account, then add the domain name website or blog agan sista through menu add tags. The technical is more or less like this:
  • Enter the menu add tags and then click add domain (there is a plus sign).
  • Then enter the domain name blog or web agan sista in column new domain.
  • Check the type and size of ads that you want to choose. If you can just tick all or as much as if agan
  • cysts need the future. It aims to ease agan cyst later on when agan cysts want to change the type or size of advertising.
  • Click request approve.

  •  Just wait for email approvenya about 1-3 days. If you feel over time, can contact the adsterra through skype or tickets at adsterra hours (afternoon until midnight western Indonesia time). Kang erik recommends skype for faster replies.
  •  After approve please agan sista pairs of ad code on the blog. If popunder usually kang erik pairs before </ body>. If the banner ads are up to be displayed where the ads.

So a brief review kang erik about the shortcomings and excess adsterra that kang erik feel for two weeks. In conclusion, the value of CPM adsterra is very dependent on the niche web agan sista. If agan sista clever select niche, earnings agan sista will be very big, but if one select niche maybe agan sista will be disappointed. Kang erik itself does not know which niche is good for adsterra and which niche is not good for adsterra. So you should try it.

During kang erik try, for Indonesian blogs such as kang erik, CPMnya quite large value. Kang erik quite satisfied with the CPM rate and calculation impressnya adsterra. For agan cysts that have not managed to list adsense or even get banned adsense, kang erik taste adsterra can be used as an alternative worthy to consider.