√ 10 Best Ad Networks for Publishers (2018 Edition)

Here are 10 best ad networks for you! Advertising plays an important role in monetizing your site.But first when it comes to advertising, the best ad network is Google Adsense. Even though one of the world's largest ad networks, sometimes you may be rejected by the content of your site.

So the advertising industry is very annoying, Google has so many competitors that give good run for money.It can take a lot of time for you to choose the best adnetwork besides adsense, therefore we will sort them google competitors.

Best Ad Network in 2018

1. Bidvertiser
Bidvertiser is the best choice if you can not get approval from Adsense.It is also well known and the best old ppc site and even perform well in some kind of blog. These best CPC rates are as compared to other small networks simply because they offer POP ups, Banner rates and various text-type advertising techniques.Its other CPCs vary from approximately 0.02 to $ 10 and you earn total base earnings earn points. The best overall performance is if you have enough account traffic.

Supports multiple ad formats including banners, skyscrapers, rectangles, and mobile. You can use the point-and-click tool provided to customize the layout of these units to match the look of your website.
Best bidvertiser advertising network

Minimum Traffic: - None
Ad formats: - Banner Ads, in text, Parking Domains, XML feeds Feed, contextual ads, Search Toolbar
Payment: - Minimum Payout $ 10 via PayPal.

2. Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits uses contextual and geo-targeted ad serving technologies to provide better revenue for their publishers in different types of properties such as websites, mobile sites, add-ons, widgets, toolbars and more.It provides self-service for publishers, across Where webmasters can come and get tags and start making money. They also offer self service to Advertisers, where anyone can come and buy very high quality traffic.

In addition to display advertising, Hits Income also allows publishers of their website money using text ads, pop ups, apps, widgets, XML feeds, and other custom formats.

Best revenuehits ad network

Minimum traffic: - None
Ad formats: - Display ads, Text Ads, Pop up / down
Payout: - $ 50 via PayPal.

3. Propeller Ads
Propeller Ads are the fastest growing multi network ad format. They provide detailed optimization for each individual site so you can choose the best performing advertising campaigns. Which are basically shown as CPMs based on ad networks. But in actual network it is based on various models like CPM, CPA, CPC and CPL. In overall this is one of the best ad networks.

They have 3,000 active campaigns worldwide and perform manual checks to remove all unsafe and suspicious advertisers-ensuring high quality.Publishers ads get the benefits of 100% moneymaking inventory, on-time payment, personal account manager, and detailed real-time reporting .

Supported banner ad sizes are 728 × 90, 300 × 250, 160 × 600, 120 × 600, and more in addition to the click-and-banner video ad formats.

Minimum traffic: - None
Ad formats: - OnClick Ads, Video Ads, Mobile Ads in CPM, CPA, CPL and CPC bases.
Payout: - $ 100 Via Transfer, Payoneer, Payza.

4. Media.net
Media.net presents ads from Yahoo! Bing a contextual advertising network, which consists of a large pool of national and local advertisers, ensuring 100% fill rates across all verticals and formats.It is one of the best Adsense alternatives. CPC rates are also high and good. It is also a CPC based CPA and CPM and CPA ads on an eRPM basis. Media.net became the most popular for advertisers and publishers in a few years and made the best place in the ad. Unfortunately if you do not get Adsense approval then I suggest you to file Media.Net.

Some of Media.net's publishers include Forbes, Elle, Reuters, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, and more. The network supports standard IAB sizes and has access to high quality ads from all major DSPs.

In addition to displaying the units, Media.net also supports desktop interstitials in original content, and mobile anchored ads.
Needs: - High quality content and Traffic from premium countries like USA, UK, Canada.

Ad formats: - Display Ads, Ad Blocks Keyword.
Payout: - $ 250 via PayPal or Wire Transfer.

5. Infolinks
Infolinks is one such name that will help you in earning your website income to the optimum level. They help in increasing engagement and increase the visibility of banner ads websites.Traditional has one big problem that results in huge revenue loss: Many users either consciously or unconsciously ignore them because ads are usually seen as a nuisance.

The best part of it they do not need and space for banners. It displays targeted ads for relevant keywords from your content. You can also use Tag cloud keywords from Infolinks on your site or can be used as an ads.It does not cover the spaces so that's why you can use other banner ads from Adsense or other alternatives to earn more revenue for the site content.

Best ad network infolinks

Minimum traffic: -500,000
Ad formats: - In ad text, Search ads or In Tag cloud.
Payment: - Minimum Pay out $ 50 via PayPal or wire transfer.

6. Clicksor Ads
Clicksor serves over 900 million ad impressions on over 100,000 dedicated websites that comprise publisher networks. In addition to regular banner ads, Clicksor also offers in-text ads, rich media, interstitials, and pop-unders as alternative ad formats.

This divides the publishers into two groups on the basis of total impressions. Clicksor is a CPC based on Bid and CPM ad networks. The bid CPC rate is less as compared to the Site above. If also offers Referral Program means you earn 10% of Publisher You refer to use Clicksor.
Best clicksor ad network

Minimum traffic: - None
Ad formats: - In-text and contextual banner ads, Under pop and other text-based ads.
Minimum payout: - $ 50 via check or PayPal.

7. BlogAds
Blogads support 10 different ad sizes all available either jpeg / gif or flash; There is nothing out there. Their ads are tailor-made for blogs so they run well together what blogs usually feature in the main body of their page.

No monthly fees; On the contrary, it's still 14% of the sales made to readers.Most your general IAB ad sizes supported. It's worth a try if you're a blogger who wants to try alternative AdSense.It is very good and affordable support through several different media. Although much of its implementation should be done by publishers, network of sales team specialists are available to help if needed.
Best ad network BlogAds

Minimum Traffic: - None
Ad formats: - CPC, CPM
Minimum payout: - $ 75 via check, paypal or transfer.

8. Chitika Ads

Chitika is also a well-known CPC platform on the Target Search Ad base, local ads and Ads.Chitika Mobile ads only receive organic traffic drived by Search engines.It has over 350,000 publishers on the network and serves more than four billion ads per month, making it into One of the largest ad networks in the world if you go by those metrics.

Its exclusive targeting and technology optimization uses a purchase program to serve precisely the right advertising, at the right time. The approval process for new publishers is usually quite simple and takes a little time.
Best chitika ad network

Traffic Requirements: - Organic Search traffic is required to get.
Ad formats: - Display banner ads, Text Ads.
Payout: - $ 10 via PayPal and $ 50 via Check .

9. Adsterra Network
Adsterra is a fast-growing and fast-growing premium ad network serving over 50 billion geo-targeted advertising month.This network impression provides innovative advertising media and monetization solutions for web and mobile advertisers and publishers around the world.

It offers a wide range of effective ad formats across all popular sizes for both the web and mobile including: Pushup, interstitials, banner views, popunders, sliders, and direct links. Each campaign is tested hours through automated verification software designed by GeoEdge, ensuring highest possible ad quality and security.It also provides a high eCPM that pays up to $ 3 for 1000 Impressions that also depend on from which country traffic arrives. It pays more for USA, UK, Canada like country.

Best adsterra ad network

Minimum traffic: -300,000
Ad formats: - CPM, CPC, POP, CPA
Payout: - $ 100 via paypal, Payza wire, ecoin.

10. eDomz
EDomz was founded in 2005 and it is the best advertising network we have tried.It supports popups, cpm and cp types.Get paid ads to display their ads on your website with the help of their advanced algorithms that show relevant ads to your readers interests .Also their realtime tracking system provides true and efficient display ads.It features several advanced tools for Publishers that can customize the layout of Banner Ads, in order to make Banner suitable for your Website Design. These customized banners will make you more profit as these ads look like they are part of your website.

You can also get using their referral system.We advise everyone to try eDomz as an alternative to adsense if you want to make decent money with good traffic quality.

Best ad network edomz

Minimum Traffic: - None
Ad formats: - CPM, CPC, Pop
Payout: - $ 5 via paypal, webmoney (NET15)