√ Matched Content, Sort of Native Advertising from Google Adsense

Matched Content is a new feature raised by Google Adsense to improve ad performance. This feature is in the form of content related to the article but when the click will provide income for publishers. In the matched content , there is content that dipromokan, there is also our own content. So in one display ad, even if one of them is not advertised, Click Through Rate is the same. 

The question I want to put forward, why did Google start enacting this kind of advertising in addition to seriously fixing sponsored content? What is it that makes this search engine king put into effect such a temperament? What happens with Adsense banner ad ?

Native Advertising

Techinasia once wrote that banner ad is slowly beginning to meet its end. Now the new king has even appeared even though there has not been a crown handover. Banner ad has been replaced by something that is not really an ad, but is suitable for use in the advertising industry. Yes, native advertising , or we call it native ad .

Has Google never created native ads for Adwords before? Certainly not. In Adwords, advertisers can choose this native ad feature. For example would appear in search engines, email or other Google applications. Which in essence they appear by not appearing as banner ad .

Na · tive ad · ver · tis · ing
N. Native advertising is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.

 At the beginning of its appearance, banner ad is indeed the king of advertising in the internet world. But slowly but surely, the banner is like being a waste for the pages of the website. Therefore, no matter how good an ad is, readers often skip the ad represented by the banner . At least research from Jakob Nielsen , an expert on web usability, proves that readers experience ' banner blindness '.

That's why placing an advertisement becomes visible to the reader a top priority. So the content providers must provide space for this native ad presence. Is this ad native ad? Yes it is an advertisement, but its presence is often veiled between conte-content spread in a website. What is a replacement content? Yes, one of them. If on Twitter he transformed into Twit from an account that we never follow, so even on Facebook, he became a status quote from fanpage that we never like , then only available information below: sponsored.

Ease native ad that the content providers so do not think of ad code from third parties that sometimes burdensome speed in opening a website page. Not to mention if you find pop-ups, banners that are not symmetrical and others. The appearance of banner ad is very annoying. Another matter with native ad . In this advertising system, removing the ad means not getting any content from a website.

Native ad becomes a serious contender for the banner ad which is the mainstay of Adsense. That's why Google recommends that each sponsored article show the sponsorship relationship at the beginning of the article. This is necessary so that the reader does not think that the content is pure, when in fact the ads are inserted in the content. That is, perhaps even the native ad has been known before it is called native ad .

Matched Content

Matched Content This is not a new service from Google, but integrated with Adsense that has long been present provide income for content providers. Matched Content is at first glance similar to native ad, but Google remains strict about maintaining its ecosystem. What is that? By keeping the reader informed that it is a Google ad. There is no spoofing of ads that appear to be content. Google remains rigid about this.

Then what needs to be done for our Adsense account is sanctioned by Google to display this Matched Content ?

1. Minimal post

There is a minimum posting that is required so that we can display this Matched Content . The required post is 1000 posts. Google calls it 1000 unique pages. How long does it take to reach these 1000 posts? If one day posting, then a year get only 365 posts only. If so, can it be three days a post?

2. Traffic

The second step is traffic with the number of visits 1000 visitors per day. With the number of posts as many as 1000 pieces, it seems as many visitors this can be obtained. That counts on paper only. But according to many SEO experts, this is very likely to happen.

Then what is the weakness of this Matched Content ? Reportedly his CPC is small compared to banner ad. But even small potency in click very big loh. Because Matched Content can replace the related post feature in our blog. Unfortunately for this blog, both traffic and content belu until the number 1000.

If both of these steps are already taken, immediately look in the upper right corner of the Settings tab then Site Management . And see the site installed Adsense ads belong to us, if there is already ready writing, then the site can be installed Adsense ads.