√ Review and proof of payment Exoclick.com

Exoclick Ads Review and payment Proof - Hello, after almost a year I joined Exoclick and got a lot of payments, now it's time I shared my experience during joining Exoclick.

About ExoClick Ad Network

Exoclick.com is among the top 4 ad networks in the world, they have about 125 Billion ad impressions every month, they offer Cpm which is high enough for all Geo, and able to fancy with popads, in my opinion even better exoclick, due to experience while using both, The result is greater exoclick.

Exoclick is an Adult and Non-Adult ad network from spain, they have a type of Cpc advertising for publishers and advertisers, exoclick always pay on time, high cpm, they pay Via Paypal, Payoneer, Paxum And Wire Transfer With minimum payment of 20 $ for Paypal, 1000 $ for Trasfer.

ExoClick Legit Or Scam?

Now a lot of new advertising networks are popping up, and all lure with high cpm, not a bit of advertising network is deceptive. But from my experience exoclick is not cheating, they actually pay the publisher, always on time, I use exoclick Almost a year, and all this time they always pay, never late, BUT .... my account was never blocked by exoclick for no apparent reason, I asked but no answer, my earnings 23 $ unpaid, my 2 month lapse Received an email from one of the exoclick admin, they offered me to put an ad on my website, that was my chance to explain what happened two months ago, and asked why my account was blocked, because it happened that the admin who offered me did not know about it That, after negotiating finally my account can come back again, my income that was not paid finally also paid. Until now I still faithfully use Exoclick, because I think Exoclick better than any ad network.

Minimum Payout And Frequency
Minimum payout Exoclick is only $ 20 for Paypal, Paxum And Payoneer, and 100 $ for Bank Transfer, Exoclick is paying on Net7, paying every Monday, so if this week your earnings have reached $ 20 will be paid next Monday.

ExoClick Payment Methods
Exoclick provides many payment options, such as PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer and Bank Transfer.

Here is proof of payment I received from Exoclick
ExoClick Affiliate / Referral Program
You can also earn 5% profit from Affiliate Program Exoclick.

  • One of the high paying ad networks
  • Clean and quality ads
  • Fast, timely payment
  • Provide Adult and Non-Adult ads
  • Quick in reply to questions

As long as I use Exoclick do not get any shortcomings, but be careful if your account is blocked at any time. Exoclick does not accept web hosted on Blooger / blogspot

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