√ Unoptimized Adsoptimal Earnings

Adsoptimal ads Review - It is not easy to find Google Adsense alternative especially for blog Indonesia, because not many advertising companies are willing to pay high for traffic from Indonesia even though the blog visitors have tens of thousands of results are still still far less when compared with Adsense.

This time I will discuss about Adsoptimal one advertising program based on CPM or pay based on banner impression installed in blog.Because of my pens enroll in Adsoptimal and after approved then I put my blog ad code in the list, in the hope of earning more income than Propellerads that currently average only per day only $ 7.

Adsense Income on Blog Indonesia - Adsense Disable 

As shown in the picture above, from 38ribu the revenue impression of only $ 0.46 is very much compared to Propellerads where with the same amount of impressions for banners can earn $ 2 more.

I do not know what time they update permannen daily, because if opened many times I often find the income actually decreases even though the number of impression increases, and for this one I will discuss next time.Because I'm still curious to try to register one more blog this time that there is still Adsense ads and if accepted later I want to compare whether the income is the same or even higher.

But from 2 days try Adsoptimal on blog Indonesia with visitors 20ribuan per day was the result is quite pathetic, losing from MGID that can produce an average of $ 1.8 per day or Propellerads that can produce an average of $ 7 per day.

If later after adding a new blog and the result is as small then I decide will stop installing Adsoptimal ad code and re-choose MGID + Propellerads only.