√ Experience of MGID Results for 30 Days

Ads Review - MGID is one such advertising company like Google Adsense, PropellerAds and other difference MGID calculates publisher revenue based on CPM or impression display ads posted on the blog.

MGID pay in 2 ways ie PayPal and check, with a minimum payment of $ 50 NET 30 means the income will be paid 30 days after we reach the minimum PO. More details if the balance has reached 100 dollars this month then the payment will be made at the end of next month and it takes 1-3 business days to be processed.

Disclaimer: The results I get are not necessarily the same as what you can get if you want to try because I see there are many Indonesian blogs that plug MGID widgets and it seems that if the results are not good it is impossible they still install.

MGID Generator For 30 Days On Blog Indonesia

Information :

    Only one MGID widget is installed for the purpose of loading the blog is not too heavy and after seen no significant difference pairs of 1 or 2 widgets for daily earnings.
    Blogs used to try to have a page view between 28,000 - 31,000 per day ( Not blog mangcara.com )


    CPC is very small not dollar anymore but cent 🙂
    Average CPM value $ 0.04 - $ 0.08 (still far less when compared to Propellerads / banners)
    Total for 30 days is about $ 50 or just $ 1.6 per day.

After trying 30 days with unsatisfactory result only get $ 1.6 per day (average) finally experiment with MGID I stop especially after can reach minimum of PO and currently stay just waiting for payment go into PayPal account and if ever later I will post Proof of payment.

Can MGID Become a Google Adsense Alternative?

The answer is relative, if your blog has high traffic and always in reject Adsense then MGID can be considered especially for bloggers who do not like CPM with pop ups, because MGID only display ads (widgets) in the form of images (thumbnails) without pop up .

But unfortunately for blogs Indonesia does not seem to expect too much, because after trying with a blog that has a page view of about 30ribu per day the result is not so satisfactory.

In the biggest day can only generate $ 3 and even then only 3 days, the rest between $ 1- $ 2 per day, very much this income far when compared with PropellerAds where with the same traffic (20,000 UV) or 30,000 PV more can get an average of $ 10.

Well that's a little experience trying MGID for 30 days using the blog Indonesia with the results $ 50 less and now I do not continue