√ Payclick Native Ads Best Solution To Increase Blog Income

This is a great opportunity for those of you who have a blog and want to earn extra income. By installing relevant ad units such as Native Ads, it certainly will not be too disturbing the comfort of your blog visitors.
Many advertising companies offer Advertising or publisher programs, but you have to be selective in choosing them. At least you should be able to choose a trusted ad provider company.
PayClick is a large international company engaged in advertising Native ads. PayClick is currently expanding its advertising business by expanding worldwide including Indonesia.
PayClick works extensively around the world since 2010 and has gained the trust of over 120,000 advertisers, spread across 107 countries. Well, do you know what is Native Advertising or Native Ads?


Overview of PayClick Native Ads

Native Ads Payclick
Native Advertising is a type of digital advertising that adapts to article content, whether Audio, text, or video contained on a website. Ads of this type of Native Ads can perfectly adjust and integrate with the content of the website, so web visitors will be difficult to distinguish between content and advertising.
PayClick Native Ads ads tailored to all devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or display on a PC or Laptop So that looks will not disturb the website visitors. With the use of Native ads will help increase the CTR by 5 to 20 percent.
And that means profitable for Advertiser and Publisher.

Excess PayClick Native Ads with other advertising

  • As you know, many advertising programs enforce strict rules when they want to become publishers. Unlike PayClick that does not give too much burden requirements.
  • PayClick can be the best Alternative Adsense , when you are tired of being rejected many times by the google with very strict rules.
  • By signing up to be a publisher PayClick can be a solution for web owners who have not been accepted by Adsense or bloggers who want to increase revenue other than google Adsense.
  • Getting revenue from payclick does not require clicking on ads, as you will also be paid on every 1000 hits ratio.
  • In addition, the minimum payout is only $ 20 only, can be disbursed immediately. Even every week you can receive a payment if you have reached the earnings.
  • There are various payment methods like Paypal, Wire, e-Payment, Payoneer and Webmoney.
Native Ads Payclick
PayClick payment method of payment


Various features and ease of advertising settings

There are many advantages that you can get in PayClick, most of all the features of the most modern advertising technology. This advertising company also prioritizes user convenience.
Some excellent features of PayClick are:
The original format for Ads
  • Display ads more modern, very efficient and profitable. This type of ad format does not interfere with visitors and potentially leads to high earnings.
Responsive to any device
  • You just place the code and ad units will automatically adjust to the screen size of the device. Nothing complicated and all can be done easily.
Relevant ads
  • Most interestingly, content, product recommendations and advertising are the most relevant to the visitor's interests.
The ad settings option
  • You can easily use more than 50 ad options in the setup unit. This feature you will not find in other advertising companies.
For details you can see in the picture below.
Native Ads Payclick
Ad setting feature


How to Apply Become a Publisher at PayClick?

As I have said above, to be a member as well as a publisher does not require complicated requirements. So, it is profitable for a good website or blog in its traffic.
Can Traffic still be able to register at PayClick ?. There is no requirement of the amount of traffic to be accepted as a payclick publisher.
Here's how to register publisher in payclick, namely:
  • First, you go directly to PayClick.com's advertising site
  • On the Payclick site home page, you see and click Registration.
  • Next will look Pop up display that contains registration form and select by click tab publisher
Native Ads Payclick
  • Fill in accordance with the data in the form fields, such as email address, password and so forth, then click Register
  • Check your email for a confirmation of the upgrade from PayClick and your account is now accessible
Native Ads Payclick
  • Login to cpanel and visible display column to register website address.
  • After that, you can install PayClick Native Ads and get ready to earn money
It's easy, is not it ?. That's what distinguishes registration publisher payclick with Adsense, you can be directly accepted without having to wait for a review for several days and even months. That was not necessarily accepted in adsense.
So a review of what is payclick and how to sign up to be a publiser to advertise PayClick Native Ads. Good luck and dollar coffers ready to flow into your pocket.