√ The Best Adsense Alternative List is Enough Tantalizing

The best adsense alternative . When talking about how to make money online from a site / blog, the first thing we have in mind is earnings through Google Adsense . But to get a google adsense account is not all running smoothly, because a lot of google adsense requirements for a blog to receive full approved.
Even when we already feel has a lot of posts and traffic started running, but google adsense submission never received. So are you frustrated? For most people, adsense is not the only way to make money from blogs. Quite a lot of the best adsense alternatives you deserve to try.

Here are some reasons to use alternatives to google adsense

  • You are always denied adsense despite repeatedly registering
  • Your blog does not meet the criteria adsense, but the traffic is good.
  • You are not free to manage blogs with adsense rules are so tight.
  • You wait too long for payout adsense that must be at least 100 $
  • You want to try blog monetization with other ads and want to compare the results.
  • You are a former publisher adsense banned.
Do not despair, let alone to leave a blog that you have long managed. Because there are still many best adsense alternative that can make money. Even if you are more serious and focused, your income will be much larger than google adsense.
Many Indian bloggers who earn extraordinary in addition to relying on google adsense. Even among them are able to make adsense alternative as a fixed income every month.

The best adsense alternative for 2018

Below is the best alternative to google adsense, and can even be juxtaposed with adsense ads in one blog. But note, if you want to display ads in one blog with adsense, choose one only. Choose what is best for you.
And below I try to review the best alternative adsense to be used as a comparison.


1. Revenue Hits

This is a performance-based ad network that helps you earn money with system-based CPA (Cost Per Action) . Advertiser parties will pay when visitors provide for any specific actions such as signing up to sites they offer etc.
Revenue Hits has ads consisting of effective text and display ads that promote performance-based offerings. By providing these types of ads that are proven to be attractive, this AdSense alternative helps you increase revenue.
Here are some advantages of Hits revenue
  • More than 2 billion ad impressions every day
  • Millions of active users
  • Maximum return on investment and more revenue for every monetization of blogs.
Why Revenue Hits be the best alternative to adsense
  • Unlike AdSense it takes a long time to get an active account.
  • When registering Revenue Hits, then you will immediately get an active account.
  • You can almost target any country in your demographic settings.
  • Payment system using PayPal, Payoneer, Wire transfer.
Type of ad format in Revenue Hits
  • Banners
  • Sliders
  • Shadow box
  • Top of the banner
  • Footer


2. Media.net Contextual and Display Ads

Another best adsense alternative is Media.net, It's also one of the biggest markets for advertisers to increase online brand exposure, thus making money by posting other ads on your site that can provide potential income every month.
Best adsense alternative
Image from media.net
This is an advertising network initiated by Yahoo / bing that places contextual ads on your blog that are highly relevant to the content.
What is contextual advertising?
For example: Your blog deals with tourism, travel or rental services related to tourism objects. Then contextual ads will follow and mingle with niche content or niche blogs.
In other words contextual advertising is always associated with the contents of blogs and websites. Well interesting is not it? If you are interested can directly register to Media.net.


3. Chitika

Chitika is also one of the best adsense alternative that can be directly juxtaposed with adsense ads. Types of ads from Chitika are mostly contextual based Search Targetted Ads with relevant ads.
Best adsense alternative
Image from chitika
In addition, Chitika also has Local Ads. That shows ads that match the location of blog visitors. And Mobile Ads that mment show ads suitable for mobile format.
For payment system done through Paypal (minimum $ 10), Very easy because Paypal itself is universal, and to register paypal juda is not too difficult .


4. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is a market for buying and selling advertising space on websites and blogs. In essence, you only provide the space or space (space) ads on your blog in accordance with the agreement and criteria that have been determined.
But BuySellAds has certain criteria, among them is blog must have high traffic. Well, if your blog traffic is not sufficient should bia lyrics alternative best adsense other.

BuySellAds provides a fairly high share of 75%. Payments are made via Paypal every 2 weeks, without any limits.


5. Infolinks

Infolinks show ads that match your site's content. Infolinks converts certain keywords from your site content into advertisement links and you get paid for every click made on those ads.
This is also the best adsense alternative. The best tip to increase your income from infolinks is to not put many links on one page, make 6-8 infolinks per page and you will definitely see some good results.
Best adsense alternative
Image from infolinks
Infolinks payment system can be through Paypal, Check and Bank Transfer (wired ) but still certain banks only. To ensure that local banks can receive Infolink payments, they should be confirmed directly through the associated bank.


6. Qadabra

To register Qadabra is very easy, without going through a complicated process and can immediately get the ad code to be installed on the blog. Qadabra-based eCPM with excellent revenue offers, Qadabra ad types offer rich media including options for popups.
Best adsense alternative
Image from Qadabra


7. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is a Google Adsense alternative with Pay Per Click category . In addition to being paid for each Bidvertiser ad on your website, you will also earn extra money for each conversion through advertising.
Bidvertiser has a variety of ad formats that are mostly the same as adsense ads, including:
  • Size 728 × 90 Horizontal banner
  • Size 160 × 600 Skyscraper
  • Size 300 × 600 Half page
  • Size 300 × 250 Rectangle
  • Large 336 × 280 rectangular size
As well as other standard ad formats that exactly match the adsense ads. Bidvertiser ensures that only ads with the highest bids will be shown on sites and blogs.
Bidvertiser sends payment to its publisher via Check, Wire Transfer, and Paypal. You can get paid directly after reaching the $ 10 minimum payout.


8. Clicksor

Clicksor offers the opportunity to earn extra income by using textual or contextual banner options on websites or blogs. Still the same as other best adsense alternative that type of ads can be targeted.
Clicksor registration conditions
  • The minimum number of pageviews or impressions is 50,000 per month. This means you must have at least 500 - 700 visitors per day or a minimum of 1600 pageview per day
  • Blogs are not included in the adult content category.
Clicksor uses the rate for each type of advertising payment posted by the publisher, as below:
  • Text Ads Cost Per Click (CPC), Pay Per Click (PPC) rates are $ 0.035 per click
  • Graphical / Rich Media Banners CPM rates are $ 0.20 per 1,000 impressions
  • Graphical Banners CPC rates are $ 0.035 per click
  • Pop-unders CPV rates are $ 0.0025 per visitor
  • Interstitial Ads CPI rates are $ 0.0025 per interstitial Ad
The minimum payout limit is $ 50 via check or PayPal. For earnings over $ 1000 , payments using Bank (Wired) and Clicksor will charge a $ 75 administration fee .
Well, that's a list of the best adsense alternatives for the year 2016 you deserve to try. Once again google adsense is not the only option to generate unag from internet via blog.
If you are creative and generate high traffic on the blog, then the alternative adsense above can be the right choice.