√ How to Make Money with Native Advertising Adnow Platform

Everyone who's been browsing on the Internet must agree how annoying it is when your browsing activity is interrupted by ads that appear on both sides, top and bottom, and amid the coolness of enjoying the content!
This is what is currently troubled by most bloggers who use the strategy. Not only are you frustrated that your ad is not being seen, but it's also considered annoying that many users are starting to use ad blockers .
Obviously, this is a serious problem that proves that advertising 'banners' or advertising banners are less effective in performing their tasks. Hence, many bloggers have moved on to a new strategy.
The main key to their mind is: create ads that do not interfere with the visitor experience, or even deliver ads that give more value. The trick is to blend the ads with the content that visitors see with the method of native advertising !

The simple meaning of native advertising ?

The concept of native advertising is different from banner ads or display ads that generally divert the webpage to the ad page automatically. With native advertising , the ads that appear on the webpage will be put with web content.
The simplest example can be seen through Facebook's social media. On the main page of Facebook, banner ads can be seen clearly in the right column. These ads are commonly referred to as display advertising . Meanwhile, native advertising is an ad that usually integrates with news in the news feed and has its own content.
In general, native advertising will strongly encourage consumers to act after seeing the ad. You can read and listen to relevant information, not directly 'instructed' with images or GIFs that are less clear.


Why use native advertising ?

According to recent research, native advertising is more comfortable in the eye than other types of advertising. In addition, 52% of consumers pay more attention to native advertising compared to other types of advertising including display advertising .
Not only that, native advertising is proven to be 9% more effective in enhancing brand awareness , and ensuring the livelihood of consumers after seeing the ad. In addition, native advertising also guarantees 32% more share compared to other types of advertising. Uniquely, of the majority of people who buy a product, 72% of buyers claimed interested in the product because it has seen the native advertising .
Most popular social media users are people aged 18 years - 44 years. Generations of millennial generations generally do not like to be 'sold', but they want to get information first.
Thus, native advertising is best suited to respond to this. In addition to the fact that native advertising is not blocked by ad blockers because of its appearance that resembles standard content, usually native advertising also does contain relevant and useful information for readers. So not only about selling products.

Tips before starting native advertising

You need to remember that native advertising aims to do soft selling , not hard selling as commonly used by traditional advertising. Therefore , the content you enter in the native advertising should be made by considering the reader. Is the content really interesting and gives more value to the reader? If the answer is no, change the native advertising content plan.
Then, you can also choose which platform you want to insert native advertising . When in a blog, the form will be like an ordinary article that you create (with the words "sponsored by brand "). You can also use social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, to amplify native advertising strategies .

Keep in mind that published ads should have a call to action call alias to do something after seeing an ad. Call to action must convince consumers to visit the marketer's site and perform an action.


Choosing the best native advertising platform!

There are two ways to run a native advertising strategy. The first way is the manual where bloggers and publishers search for their own parties who want to advertise their products with this technique. Quite spend the time but the amount of money earned will be greater.
The second way is to use a native advertising platform like Adnow . This platform will instantly collect ad campaigns from 110 countries and include native advertising that fits your blog. So you no longer have to bother looking for advertisers and can focus on creating the best content in blogs.
If you plan to use the second method, we recommend the Adnow platform.

What is Adnow?

Adnow is an advertiser platform that provides pay per click campaigns. Adnow is engaged in native advertising .
Adnow currently has 150,000 publishers and 1,700 advertisers who can help you promote products to various sites. Currently, Adnow manages to generate 140 million impressions for each published ad per day.
I'm so confident, Adnow can be used as an alternative to Google Adsense. Do not close the possibility also if you already use Adsense, because Adnow can be paired simultaneously with Adsense on the blog or the same site.

How publishers earn money from Adnow

Register as a publisher
Before you can earn money from Adnow, you must register first. Do not forget to register yourself as a publisher . Here's how to enroll in Adnow as a publisher :
  • Visit the registration page from Adnow.com website
  • After that select the publisher of the tab on the registration page as shown below
  • After completing the requested data on the registration page you will receive an e-mail to verify your account.



Insert widget into blog

After successfully creating an account as a publisher , you can enter the blog of choice to advertise with Adnow.If the blog you entered has been reviewed and approved by Adnow, then you can add widgets on the blog site.On the dashboard page there will be the Add a widget button where you can enter the widget settings page. After you have finished setting up the widget , you can click the save button to save the widget settings.
After all these steps are done, click the HTML option to display your HTML widget code. HTML code is what will be included in the blog site that is registered.


Advantages of publishers in Adnow

There are also some advantages Adnow for the publisher including :
  • The approval process does not have a minimum amount of traffic
  • Registration is free
  • Reports provided in real time
  • Payment methods are provided in several options
  • With more than 110 countries, Adnow can be used in multiple languages
  • Adnow is already a trusted platform with over 150,000 publishers
  • Fast, good, and reliable service response
  • The number of impressions per month is very high
  • Minimum payout is only USD 20


Bonus: Advantages Adnow for Advertisers

  • Targeting visitors or audiences based on geolocation
  • Target visitors by network or telecommunications provider
  • Access to valid ad data
  • Minimum capital cost
  • Monitor click validity
  • Access to the support library when already registered
  • Real Time Bidding for the number of impressions that generally benefit the advertiser

The concept of native advertising is still growing and will be a great asset for all those who make money on the internet. This is a good time to continue to adapt to market demand while continuing to make money.
Adnow itself has provided support to publishers and advertisers in Indonesia. For those who want to start using it, can immediately visit the site here .