√ Know Native Advertising

Native advertising or we call it with native ads is a new form of advertising that provides promotional distribution outside of banner ads. The existence of this native ads is growing very fast, and according to Business Insider data, the advertiser's moves that go to this advertising scheme have reached $ 16 billion in 2016. Even estimated every year will rise about $ 5 Billion.

Google, as one of the giants in the online advertising business, also helped enliven the awakening of this native ads. While still maintaining the old platform for its publisher in Adsense, and just adding Matched Content alone, Google is moving quickly to adopt its entire resources on the internet to reap the benefits of this native ads platform. For example, Google has added an advertising platform in DoubleClick and at the same time lowers advertisers' interest to place their ads on banner ads .

When sought by the pioneers of the application of native ads in the content industry, many refer to Buzzfeed. The New York-based media does not have any banner ads at all since its first appearance. Even Buzzfeed seems to have no ads at all on its pageviews. They create sponsored content to accommodate products that want to advertise themselves on Buzzfeed. This step is followed by many other media in the United States.

Misunderstanding Native Ads

However, native ads are often mistakenly misunderstood or misconception about the true meaning of native ads . For that, I summarize some misconceptions that occur on the understanding of native ads.

1. Native ads are always about content

Native ads are not just about content alone. Paid search from Google is not content, just a link of search results that appear with certain keywords. But it is classified as native ads . This misconception does emerge from pioneer native ads , Buzzfeed that put sponsored content in its medium. Over time many people mistakenly suspect that native ads are the content itself. So ignore that the distribution through a variety of channels outside the banner was not native ads .

2. Need cooperation with creators to create native ads

This is a continuation of the number 1. It is true that if you want to appear with sponsored content, advertisers are required to work with content creators. But native ads are not just content so with the ability of simple copy writing , advertisers can display native ads anywhere in accordance with its budget capabilities.

3. Native ads only appear in one platform

This is misguided. Since the beginning, native ads have lowered the banner crown ads. Why banner ads can collapse? Because of the ability of banner ads only move that was in print / conventional media, to the online platform. While the online platform is so flexible and very likely to change every time. Therefore native ads will continue to increase users, while banner ads tend to decline.

So, already understand the notion of native ads ? If not, a simple way to see if an ad is native ads certainly by ensuring that the ad is not a banner type. Yes, it's that simple. Native ads are ads outside of banner ads , either just a status update on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, and related articles on the blog. Of good advertisers provide information by marking their ads with ads and sponsored .

Such is the article about knowing native advertising . Hopefully given the opportunity to write down opportunities behind the existence of native advertising more fully.