√ How to Accept Payoneer Payouts at UC News

How to receive Payoneer payment at UC News is actually easy. Because Payoneer is like you have an international account, so inter-bank transfer is easier. Especially for UC News who suggested that the authors use Payoneer account to receive payment. Well, how do I get paid at Payoneer especially for writers at UC News?

Previously, did you already have a Payoneer account? If not please register first. If you directly visit Payoneer.com page, I make sure you can not do anything. But if through reference, you are more benefited because later will get $ 25 for free. Which one do you choose? Of course choose a reference 'right?

So if you have not signed up on Payoneer, I provide the reference link, as well as the phases of registering at Payoneer.

Sign up for Payoneer

First please visit my reference link to sign up for Payoneer. The link is here www.payoneer.com . The most comfortable do not use desktop computers, instead of using the phone, let the screen wider. Well, later when it is contained in the browser or browser will look like the picture below.

Click Sign Up & Earn $ 25 . You will be taken to the page. In this first part you are asked to fill out the choice whether you make it on behalf of the person, or company. If private, please click individually. If for Company or company, click on that section. Well, here I fill the registration for individuals. Later will appear a list of name, email, and birth date. For you whose name is only one word, can be filled twice, for example Warjo Warjo. Or filled Warjo Ganteng also allowed. The first field will look like this.

Make sure the fields are filled all well, so the NEXT button that was gray was changed to orange. Then click the NEXT button that has changed that color.

The next stage you will be asked to fill in the address data. This data starts from country, street address, village / village, city, PO BOX, and phone number. The picture is as shown below. If it fills all correctly, the NEXT column will change color again. Click the orange NEXT button.

The last stage of registration Payoneer, we are asked to create a password, security question, and valid ID number, either ID card, driver's license, or passport. Then the list will open a bank account. Appearance of this list of fields can be seen in the following figure.

If the NEXT button is already orange color you click, it will show congratulations from Payoneer that you have successfully provided data stuffing. And Payoneer will make a review or review on your account request. Duration of this review usually takes a day or more depending on busyness and working hours. If you have completed the review and you received, Payoneer card will be sent directly to activate your Payoneer account.

This Payoneer card is a debit card, so it is called Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard®. Typically, the card will arrive within a month, depending on the expedition and country services. If not received on the date written in the email, the card may not arrive. You can apply for the card again and wait again until the specified time.

This card can be used for pickup on any ATM card with MasterCard logo. Yes of course as long as the balance is there. The balance count will be calculated according to the exchange rate applicable at the time of withdrawal.

Accept Payoneer Payouts at UC News

Now let's say you've been accepted and have a Payoneer account. Someone asked, what if the card has not been received? Can this Payoneer be used? The answer can be, and can also be withdrawn to a registered bank account with a minimum withdrawal of $ 50. I have this experience when I receive payment from Guru.com. At that time the first card was not up, so I withdraw money through bank account, and success.

Back to UC News. You already have an account at UC News' right? If not please to my article this: How to Apply and Write in UC News and Fortunately Ruginya . If so, please skip to the payment section.

This way:
  1. Visit this page https://wm.ucweb.com/dashboard/account/payment
  2.  Fill out all the Basic Information that is still empty. This section should be filled with details, from the identity until the birth date lest there be any mistakes.

3. For the Payment Information form, select Payment Method via Payoneer. Below it will display a Payment Account field . In this section fill in with the email address used when logging into Payoneer . Then fill the email again in the Payoneer Account Input field again . When finished, press SEND.

The advantages of using Payoneer over the bank account, the first is easier verification, the second minimum withdrawal can be faster because in UC News there is a withdrawal limit for Payoneer $ 50 and for the bank $ 100, and the third process sends faster and no interbank transfer fees. Record once again yes, it's between UC News and you as the payee. Well, the use of Payoneer itself of course there is its own cost. Look at this link for fees charged at Payoneer.

Just so friends sharing me about the payment from UC News through Payoneer this. Well just add to the spirit, there is no intention to show off, I love the screenshots of new payments landed in my Payoneer account.

If anyone wants to ask, please just comment in the comment field.