√ How to Maximize Payday / Income from RevenueHits

How to maximize your earnings from RevenueHits - Maximum payout from RevenueHits will be earned if you can manage your ads from RevenueHits . Payouts or commissions from RevenueHits is fairly steady. You can read my writing about The Income Review of RevenueHits is based on the results of my own experience.

Payments from RevenueHits is not as big as Google Adsense, but RevenueHits is one of the best Google Adsense alternative. Moreover, if your blog classified as a blog download, then the commission from RevenueHits will be optimal.

There are at least two ways to maximize RevenueHits revenue :

RevenueHits Ads Types That Big Paid

The first step to maximizing commissions, earnings, or payouts from RevenueHits is to choose the type of potential ad to generate a large commission.Same with Google Adsense, the selection of ad types is also very influential on income from RevenueHits will be accepted.

Some types of RevenueHits ads that generate substantial revenue include:

1. Pop Up or Pop Under Ads.

Pop up or pop under ads are a potential ad type to make money from RevenueHits . This ad will not appear on your blog so it does not interfere with the look of your blog.

Pop up or pop under ads will appear when visitors click any on your blog. This ad type is similar to an ad from Popads .

If you create or choose a type of RevenueHits ad, it will automatically also include in it popup or popunder ads. Unless you disable these ads in the "account" menu then the "Preferences" submenu.
iklan popup revenuehits

You can also create Pop Up or Pop Under ads through the "Placements" menu and select "New Placement" and select popunder type ads.

2. Slider

The slider ad type from RevenueHits will appear on the right or left side of your blog. This ad type is suitable to install if your blog template does not appear full screen.

If your blog template still leaves an empty space on the right or left side of the blog, this slider ad fits installed because it does not interfere with visitors reading your blog posts.This type of slider ad also consists of various sizes. Although I said this slider appears on the right or left of the blog, in fact this ad can appear also above, middle, and bottom of the blog. But I think it's better to stay on the left or right just so as not to disrupt the look of the blog.

3. Shadow Box

Ads of type shadow box will appear like dialog box whether to see ads or directly to blog by close-shadow this box. This type of ad will give you more revenue because the clicks are larger.

But this shadow box looks disturbing the look of the blog and make visitors feel less comfortable. I myself do not like to wear shadow box because it makes visitors less comfortable.

4. Footer

Footer Ads will appear at the bottom of the blog. This ad provides some advantages because there is a share button for facebook, twitter, and Google+. This ad can also be diclose by visitors and does not interfere with the look of the blog.

Location Ads In Blog

In addition to determining the types of ads with greater revenue opportunities, placing ads in the right locations will also provide optimal revenue from RevenueHits.

My favorite location for placing ads from RevenueHits is above postings (under the title) and below posts. Please read How to Install RevenueHits Ads on Blog .

The location of the ads below the title and below the posts provides a greater chance for the ad to be clicked by visitors.Do not install RevenuHits ads in the sidebar or in the header because it proves very unoptimal income, sometimes even often generate zero Revenue .

The location of the next ad can be placed above the post title, under the header. Or it could also be placed in the footer. Choose the type of footer or mobile ad to place ads in the footer.Banner ads size 800 x 440 also provides a fairly optimal income.This is how I maximize commissions from RevenueHits based on my experience. How is your experience?