√ The Best Google Adsense Alternative: Proven From Experience

The Best Google Adsense Alternative - Making money from blogs has become a new trend today. This potential land prompts many creative creators to create new sites that provide advertising services. King of advertisers to date still controlled by Google Adsense . Product service from Google is still a prima donna for the bloggers in earning dollars from his blog.

Already many billionaires, not just millionaires, who have successfully raked millions of dollars from blogs by becoming a Google Adsense publisher. For publishers from Indonesia, let's call Eka Lesmana, a successful blogger from Central Java who used to be just a Duck Breeder. Although only a junior graduate, but hundreds of millions per month dikantonginya from the blog.

Then there is another blog owner maxmanroe. Income from his blog was incredible, and this is actually supported also because of his expertise as an internet marketer seoarang. And of course there are many other bloggers from Indonesia who are successful from blogs that start really from scratch. Although Google Adsense has been widely known to have created new billionaires, but it turns out not everyone can be a publisher in Google Adsense . The requirements of a blog to be accepted by Google Adsense become more and more severe.

Therefore , there is no harm for the bloggers who can not be accepted by Google Adsense , can find the best Google Adsense alternative to his blog.

I myself have been using some Google Adsense alternatives either from local or outside.

Google Adsense Alternatives I Ever Try

Google is the teacher who when asked will provide thousands of answers from a to zzzzzzzzzzz. Well, from google also I know how many advertising service providers besides google adsense.Advertising network sites are now so mushrooming to see the potential business there.Information submitted was sometimes very tempting, although after the practice was not in accordance with expectations.

Many say that being a publisher on X, will get paid big, but the result when applied instead.Therefore, sifting through information is indispensable in this regard.Well, in accordance with the subtitle above, here is an alternative Google Adsense alternative I have ever tried :

1. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is an advertising network that comes from outside. Signing up to be a publisher in Bidvertiser is very easy. For a new blog, first register directly accepted.
Bidvertiser, alternatif Google Adsense

Minimum payoutnya also small, namely $ 10 for payout to paypal account.However, I put bidvertiser ads on my blog shortly, less than 10 days. The reason, first because the report provided is not updated and also the report is not clear.Secondly, the income from the bidvertiser I received is small, not worth the number of visitors to my blog.

The third, the ads from Bidvertiser is apparently malware by Google . Installing ads from Bidvertiser will make our blogs no longer appear on Google search engines until they are removed.

As a result, only until the income of about $ 2 only, the ads on my blog from my bidvertiser off.

2. Adhexa

Adhexa is an online online advertising network based on CPM. That is, publishers are paid with a value per 1000 views or impressions.
Adhexa, alternatif Google Adsense

I know adhexa when googling and find an article that discusses adhexa.In the article it is said that Adhexa is the best advertising network for the size of CPM. But the result turned out to be very disappointing. Too small dollars earned compared to impressi my blog.

3. PPC Blogger

PPC Blogger is a local online advertising network, native to Indonesia. The types of ads are similar to those from KlikSaya .com.
PPC Blogger, alternatif Google Adsense

Commission provided by PPC Blogger was not much different from KlikSaya .com. The amount of commission given ranges from Rp275-Rp450 per unique ad click.Commission from PPC Blogger for Rp275 per unique click given for text ads. As for the image ads, the amount of commission is Rp375 for image ads size 125x125, Rp400 for image size 468x60, Rp425 for size 30x250, and Rp450 for size 728x90.

I myself do not install this ad shortly, just to commission of 5ribuan. Minimum payout from PPC blogger is small, that is 11.000 for payout in the form of 10ribu and Rp20.000 for payout to bank account.

For those of you who are interested in trying PPC Blogger please just register at ppcblogger.com.

4. Popads

Popads is a CPM based advertising network. Popads I wear after I try Adhexa. The result is very different from adhexa.
PopAds, alternatif Google Adsense

These popads are pretty decent too. Proven to actually pay. Here's My Proof of Payment Income from Popads .Value of income per 1000 impressinya very diverse, depending on the country of our blog visitors. For the biggest revenue, if blog visitors come from USA.

For those interested to register PopAds can register at popads.net .

5. Idblognetwork (IBN)

IBN or Idblognetwork is actually one of the best local advertising networks that gives you huge commissions. However, for new blogs that visitors are still inferior to other blogs, ads from IBN is less suitable to use.
idblognetwork, alternatif google adsense

Ads from IBN is usually prioritized to blogs or websites that have names with visitors who have a lot too. Thus, many under-class blogs that do not get the ad.Minimum payout from IBN is also big say that is Rp1.000.000, -. Very burdensome for beginner bloggers.

6. AdsOptimal

AdsOptimal is a recently established advertising network. AdsOptimal -based CPM advertising network.I tried this ad also from googling and found a comment that says a great income from AdsOptimal .But the result was far from expectations.

7. RevenueHits

The advertising network that I still use today is RevenueHits . Unlike Bidvertiser , ads from RevenueHits do not have any negative effects.Google does not consider ads from this RevenueHits as malware .

Payments from RevenueHits was fairly good. I also have received several payments from RevenueHits in the form of US Dollar and I pull into my paypal account.