√ Adhitz Review , Paid, CPC Rates, and Other Important Info

Review Adhitz , one of the alternative Google Adsense-based PPC who pay publishernya use Dollar. If in this blog I discuss a lot of CPM ads from RevenueHits, this time I will share my experience using Google Adsense Alternative PPC / CPC based , that is Adhitz .Adhitz is an advertising base that pays publishers if there are visitors who click on ads. Adhitz comes from the US and continues to receive publishers from all over the world, with no state boundaries.

In addition to using the method of PPC / CPC, there is also a method of commission payment by selling advertising space on your blog. If there are advertisers who are interested in your blog, he will put an ad on your blog with a fee in accordance with the rate you ask.

CPC Adhitz rates

CPC rates applicable to Adhitz vary depending on the country of the visitor who clicked on Ads.The highest CPC rates apply to US states at a rate of $ 0.18 per click. After US, there are Canada and UK with a CPC value of $ 0.15 per click.Next $ 0.12 per click applies to Finnish countries, the Netherlands, Australia, France, Norway, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

As for Indonesia itself is in the lowest order with a CPC value of $ 0.06 per click .Of the CPC value, the blog owner will get 70%, so for visitors from Indonesia you will earn $ 0.042 per click or if dirupiahkan about Rp520 per click.

Minimum Payout

Minimum Payout from Adhitz for $ 25 for paypal payments. Adhitz himself paid his publisher via paypal or payza.Payments are usually made before the 20th of the following month. If the 20th falls on a holiday or weekend, payments are made on the next date.

Ad Type

There are different types of ads available in Adhitz . Ad types fall into two, image and text ads.Image ads and text ads are available in various sizes, from the size of 728 x 90 headers to the small size 125 x 125.To select an ad type please click " Publishers " then choose " My Ad Zones ".

When selecting Ad Zones, you can specify how much you paid for when there are advertisers who want to advertise on your blog.

My Experience Wearing Adhitz

I put an Adhitz ad on one of my blogs whose traffic is still small and less well maintained.

Here's my earnings statistics from Adhitz for 1 month using 1 Adhitz ad :

For 1 month using Adhitz I only earned $ 2.06. Quite small huh? Are you interested in advertising from Adhitz ?

The advantages of Adhitz

The advantage of Adhitz is that Adhitz accepted pubslihers without this requirement. Every blog or website owner can be an Adhitz publisher, unlike Google Adsense, My Click, or Adreactor.In addition, the payment is also easy because it can use paypal or payza. Minimum pay out is also not too big, just $ 25, smaller than Adreactor for $ 50, Adsterra for $ 100, or Google Adsense $ 100.

Another plus is that we can sell advertising slots on our blog and can ask the price of ads either per day, per week, or per month.

Disadvantages of Adhitz

The ads are less appropriate with the content of the blog. Ads from Adhitz are mostly PTC ads, and almost all use English, making it less suitable to post on Indonesian blogs.If installed on the Indonesian blog, the click rate is small, unlike Google Adsense which supports Indonesian blog by giving ads with Bahasa Indonesia.

In addition, the rate per click is also quite small for visitors from Indonesia. Per click is only valued at approximately $ 0.042 for publisher. It could be even higher rates than KlikSaya compared to Adhitz .

So my brief review of Adhitz, PPC / CPC based advertising as an alternative to Google Adsense , hopefully useful. Hello Blogge