√ Knowing Google Adsense Account Differences Hosted And Non Hosted

To post how to register in google adsense may be fairly common article, and somewhat behind. Yes may be some who do not know, there is no harm I will review again to look fresh even though posting register in google adsense included in the collection of old articles, because it has a lot to discuss it.
So from that on this occasion I only discuss about the 2 differences that exist in google adsense account, which little confuse for readers who do not know it.


Differences Google Adsense Account Hosted And Non Hosted

Having a google adsense account is a privilege, especially the income from google adsense may be better than other PPC (pay per click) income similar, especially for those of you who have a blog.
Google adsense is the most appropriate means to earn income online, ie as a publisher of google adsense (show google ads on our blog page).
Do you know if this google adsense account there are two types, each has the same function, only difference lies in which site can display ads from google.
Well let's discuss a bit about this.


Hosted Account

1. Google Adsense Hosted Registration can be through Youtube and Blogspot.
2. Hosted account registration is only one review and more easily accepted with the requirement to comply with Google Adsense program policies.
3. Adsense Ads Hosted ads can only be displayed on Youtube and Blogspot
4. Adsense Ads Hosted ads can appear on more than one Youtube account and more than one Blogspot account.
5. Adsense Ads Hosted ads can not be displayed on Top Level Domain (TLD) blogs, such as .com, .net, .org, .web.id, .info, and so on.


Non Hosted Account

1. Registration of Non Hosted account through blog with Top Level Domain, eg .com, .net, .org, .web.id, .info and others.
2. Registration of Non Non Hosted Adsense account is more difficult because it will pass 2 times review, first placement of ads, and the second review determination accepted or rejected.
3. Non-Hosted Adsense Ads can be displayed on Youtube, Blogspot, and blogs with Top Level Domain (TLD)
In general can be seen in the picture below.
If you already have a google adsense hosted account, you can upgrade to a non hosted account by registering your blogspot account to Top Level Domain (TLD) or the term is called Custom domain.
Of course to sign up for this Google adsense account your blog must go through the stages of review from google parties, to get approval (approved), it also depends on your own blog.
If it is eligible to register and meet all Google adsense policies (Tos), surely your blog will be quickly accepted.
Like my current blog is again waiting for the process Approved from google adsense is non hosted 
Thus Articles Knowing The Differences Google Adsense Hosted And Non Hosted Account, hopefully can give a little picture to you, greetings click mania, click the internet healthy. May be useful.