√ How to Install RevenueHits Ads in Full Blog

How to install RevenueHits ads under the post title, under the posts , headers, sidebar, and others I will describe in my writing this time. In general, how to install ads from RevenueHits is no different from how to install ads from other online advertising service providers.

My writing this time only discusses how to install RevenueHits ads on blogger .

Before you install RevenueHits ads on Blog , first of course you must have registered as publisher RevenueHits. If you have not registered yet, you can register at www.revenuehits.com . Or you can see the steps how to register RevenueHits in my writing Income RevenueHits Indeed Legit . Once you are registered as a publisher of RevenueHits , then login to revenuehits.com, you must first determine the type of ads that will be installed on your blog.

Choose Ad Type RevenueHits

The types of ads that exist in RevenueHits consist of various types and different sizes. To select the ads to be installed on the blog, the steps are:

# 1. On the menu, select Placements then click "New Site"
memasang iklan revenuehits

# 2. Fill in the data about your blog that will be fitted with RevenueHits ads.
menambahkan blog ke reveneuhits
Fill in the name and url of your blog, then type and category of your blog. Finally fill in the description and do not forget to click save.

# 3. Then click on "New Placement" or "New Mobile Placement" to display ads on mobile. Choose the type of ad you want. For example at this time click "New Placement" and pili banner ad type.
menambah iklan revenuehits
memilih iklan revenuehits

# 4. First fill in your ad name first, then the second step select the ad size, the third fill in the description of the ad and last click save. Now you already have one type of ads that are ready to be installed on your blog.
memilih iklan revenuehits untuk blog

How to Install RevenueHits Ads Under Post Title and Under Post.

After you create the type of ads that will be installed diblog, the next step is to install these ads on your blog. To place an ad under the post title , follow these steps:

# 1. Login to your blog dashboard then select menu "template", then click "edit HTML".
cara memasang iklan revenuehits di blogger

# 2. Click anywhere in the HTML edit box and press "Ctrl + F" on your computer / laptop keyboard and type "data: post.body" in the search box. Press enter to search for keyword "data: post.body"

# 3. After you find the code "data: post.body", go back to Placements in RevenueHits then take the ad code by clicking the sign as shown below then copy the ad code that appears.
cara memasang iklan revenuehits di blog
memasang iklan revenuehits di blog

# 4. To place an ad under the post title , paste the ad code above the "data: post.body" code like step 2 above. Where as to put an ad under the post , place the ad code under "data: post.body" .

Need to note, there is usually some code (2 or 3) "data: post.body" in your blog. Try to select the code at the bottom / last. If your ad still does not show up, try to put the ad code in "data: post.body" else.

Once your ad code is served, do not forget to save. If at the time of filed turned out to be a problem, then RevenueHits ad code before the pastekan to blogger, need to diparse first.

How to Install RevenueHits Ads in Header, Sidebar, Footer

After posting ads above and below the post , you can also install RevenueHits ads in header, sidebar, and foote r. To place an ad in that location, you just need to enter the layout menu of your blog dashboardThen just select the location you want to show the ad, whether in the header, sidebar, or footer. After determining the location, click "add gadgets" or "add gadgets". Select the "HTML / JavaScript" gadget menu.

The last step copy the ad code from RevenueHits and paste in Gadget "HTML / JavaScript" then click save. Congratulations your ads have now appeared on your blog. Happy hunting dollars from RevenueHits.