√ Adreactor Review , Google Adsense Alternative Eligible You Try

Review Adreactor, Google Adsense Alternative Eligible You Try . For those of you who until now have not been accepted by Simbah to become a publisher of GA, do not have to break the charcoal and dissolve in sadness. Try the Google Adsense alternative that is very much out there, which sometimes the result is even better than Google Adsense. One of the GA alternatives that I try is Adreactor . Once again I want to say, that memonetize blog not only with Google Adsense. Google Adsense is not your only source of dollars.Try advertising from other advertisers so you can determine which one is most appropriate for your blog.

I myself am more likely to use an outside ad network than with a local ad network. Repeatedly using local PPC ads, the results are less satisfactory because local PPCs can not be a long-term source of income.The majority of local PPC ads pay for publishers based on Unique Clicks. So one IP if you ever clicked on an ad, the next click will never be counted again.

So local PPC ads are very unreliable for the long term because the income over time even decreased.Local PPC advertising rates are also usually lower than those from outside. It does not have to be PPC as well, I instead use more CPM type ads.

Entry Requirements Adreactor

The requirement to be an Adreactor publisher is slightly heavier when compared to RevenueHits. Blog traffic becomes one of the requirements set by Adreactor.

If you want to try the ads from this Adreactor, here are the requirements that must be fulfilled by your blog:
  1. Traffic at least 100,000 impressions per month or approximately 3,300 impressions per day;
  2. Unique content (but the fact is not particularly noticed)
  3. Professional blog design (do not worry too much, my blog design with free template is also still accepted)
  4. High quality Domain Name.
Of the four requirements, based on my experience, the most viewed is the first point, which is blog traffic. Therefore, for those of you who want to register Adreactor, please meet the first requirement of your blog traffic.

In addition to the above requirements, blogs that will be registered to Adreactor are also prohibited:
  1. Contains pornographic and suggestive content.
  2. Violent content
  3. Deceptive Content
  4. Illegal Content
  5. Put too many ads on your blog
  6. Ad placement on Bottom line is bad
  7. Telling to click
  8. Other traffic other than your blog traffic

Payment from Adreactor

Payment methods from Adreactor can be done through Paypal or via wire transfer. For those of you who do not have a paypal account please register a Paypal account .Payments are made by Net30, just like Google Adsense and RevenueHits.Minimum payout for paypal account for $ 50 and maximum $ 500. As for wire transfer minimum payout $ 500.

If your income is more than $ 500, you can not withdraw your earnings to paypal. Payout for revenue over $ 500 can only be done via wire transfer.

How to Calculate Income

There are three methods used by Adreactor to calculate your earnings: CPM (pay per 1000 impressions), CPC (paid per click) and CPA (paid when visitors register, install, buy, or other actions).If your blog visitors have absolutely no one clicking on an ad or taking action on an ad, you will still be paid by Adreactor using a CPM base.

Payment Proof adreactor.com

AdReactor Network Details
Commission Type: CPC,CPM,POP
Minimum Payment: $ 50
Payment Frequency: NET30
Payment Method: Paypal,Wire
Country: UK
Contact: Telephone:+44-20-7990-7730
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