√ How to Apply and Install Latest Clicksor Ads

How To Register Clicksor, How To Install Latest Clicksor Ads . Clicksor is one of the alternative Google Adsense available today. You can install Clicksor ads, in addition to local PPC ads such as Kliksaya, Kumpulblogger, AdsenseCamp, and others.

Better where is Clicksor with local PPC? 
The answer will be your own conclusion after you read my writing this to completion.

Types of Clicksor Ads

There are five Clicksor ad formats that you can put on your blog with various advantages and disadvantages of each. The types of ads that exist in Clicksor as follows:

# 1. Image Ads

The first type of ad is an image ad. This type of ad is the same as the ad on other advertising networks, in the form of an image banner from the advertiser. Image ad types are available in various sizes:
  1. Leaderboard size 728 x 90
  2. Button size 125 x 125 (similar to RevenueHits)
  3. Wide Skyscraper size 160 x 600
  4. Medium Rectangle size 300 x 250
  5. Large Rectangle Size 336 x 280
  6. Full Banner size 468 x 60
  7. Skyscraper size 120 x 600
  8. Vertical banner size 120 x 240
  9. Square size 250 x 250
  10. Small rectangle size 180 x 150

# 2. Text Ads

Unlike image ads, text ad types only show text ads. You must be very familiar with the types of image ads and text ads.

Types of text ads also consist of various sizes, equal to the size of the ad in the image ad. You can choose whether only display image ads, text ads only, or image ads and text ads.

Just like choosing the type of ads on Google Adsense.

# 3. Pop Under

Pop Under ads are ads that appear in the new window, when visitors click on any part of your blog page. This ad is the same as a Pop Under ad in RevenueHits and PopAds.

Pop In's ad is one of the ads that give big income to the publisher. However, the lack of this type of advertising is reducing the convenience of blog visitors.

# 4. Interstitial Ads

An interstitial ad is a type of ad that appears in 1 full page before the page the visitor is viewing. So what comes up is an ad first before the destination page appears.

# 5. Link Ads

Ever seen an ad from infolink? Or ever become an infolink publisher? Yes, the link ad from Clicksor is the same as the link ad from infolink. These ads will appear on certain words that match the ad types shown.

That's the type of ad you can choose from Clicksor. Very diverse and just select according to your taste. Interesting right?

Clicksor Ad Rate

After knowing the types of ads that you can choose on Clicksor, then of course you want to know how many dollars you will be able to become a publisher Clicksor.

Here is the rate / Clicksor ad rate according to the types of ads:
Ad Type Calculation Method Advertising Rates
Image Ads Cost / Pay per Click (CPC / PPC) $ 0.035 per click
Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM) $ 0.20 per 1000 impressions
Text Ads CPC / PPC $ 0.035 per click
Pop Under Cost Per Visit (CPV) $ 0.0025 per visitor
Interstitial Cost Per Interstitial (CPI) $ 0.0025 per interstitial

For image type ads, there are two methods of calculation: CPC / PPC and CPM. So, in case no one clicks on your ad too, you can still revenue from displaying image type ads with rate of $ 0.20 per 1000 impression. Delicious is not it?

PPC rates are not bad. If using the rate $ 1 = Rp13.000, then the price of 1 click image and text ads is Rp455, -. While the CPM rate of Rp2.600, -.

Steps Register Clicksor

Here are the steps to register Clicksor:

# Step 1

Go to www.clicksor.com then click "Publisher" and Click "Start Monetizing Now" as shown below:
cara daftar clikcksor

# Step 2

Fill in the requested form as below and do not forget the last click "Submit":
langkah-langkah mendaftar clicksor

# Step 3

Open your email. Username and password for login are sent to your email. Open inbox, otherwise open in spam folder. Then please login to clicksor using the username and password that has been sent by Clicksor to your address.

How to Install Clicksor Ads on Blogger

After you log into your Clicksor account then you will be below to the following page:
pasang iklan clicksor

To advertise first please click sites like the picture above. Then click New site and fill in the requested form:
cara pasang clicksor

After adding the site, please click Get Code to the right of your blog name and select and set the type of ads you want to install.

Choose "Generate Code" and post your ad on blogger at any location you want.

I'm sure there is no problem to install clicksor ads on blogs.

Clicksor or RevenueHits?

From my experience using both types of advertising, I still recommend RevenueHits. Payouts from RevenueHits are larger than Clicksor.You can see from the picture above, my earning balance from Clicksor is only $ 1.32. That is the result of my commission put 2 Clicksor ads on the blog within half a day.

Until now I do not use again Clicksor, because it can not compete with RevenueHits.

Lack of Clicksor

One of the reasons I immediately removed a Clicksor ad from my blog even though it has not been installed for 1 full day is its ad is not very friendly with mobile users.

Moreover, the type of interstitial ads and Pop Undernya. When you open a blog via mobile phone, blogs can not be opened, which appears even ads only.

In addition, gambling / casino ads also appear. However, yesterday when I saw a casino advertisement, I email clicksor party and can email replies that casino / gambling ads have been removed from my blog.

Actually it could be arranged Pop Undernya display, but still less friendly on mobile phones.

The banner ads are also unable to show on mobile, appearing only in the desktop view.

Do you intend to join Clicksor?

After you read my writing of course you can judge how good or ugly Clicksor.

For those of you who want to try, please put it into practice.

For those of you who are not interested, at least you know there is one more Google Adsense alternative that is Clicksor.