√ How To Get Hundreds Of Dollar From Blog

How To Get Hundreds Of Dollar From Blog . There are various ways to get hundreds, thousands or perhaps even millions of dollars from Blogs. But I choose to use the word hundreds, not thousands or millions. Why?. Because my own experience to date just get hundreds of dollars per month from the blog.

If I use the word thousands or millions, it seems too much because I myself have not been able to prove it. Not close the possibility, someday the title of hundreds that I will change into thousands, maybe even millions, if I have earned thousands to millions of dollars from blogs per month. Aamiin. Please pray.

I myself always write on this blog based on the results of my experience. I'm not an expert in the world of blogging. I'm no expert, maybe not even mastering html, php, CSS, and javascript.

I myself am also not an SEO expert.

So than I write what I do not know, I do not master, with just a copy and then edit, I better write down the results of my experience so that what I write really I know the contents.

How to Make Money from Blog

There are so many ways to monetize your blog, which of course has been much discussed by the bloggers. But there is no harm I siggung various ways to earn money from blogs.

1. Selling Online

The first way can be by selling online. Examples can be with selling Ebook, Blog template, selling clothes, shoes, or by making an online store. Examples of blogs that memonetize in this way is Mas Sugeng blog by selling premium blog templates.

2. Provide Independent Ads

If your blog has many visitors and have a good reputation with good alexa rank too, you can provide a standalone ad space on your blog.The advantages of independent ads is, you can determine the rate as you like, of course at a reasonable rate so that advertisers want to advertise on your blog.

In addition, you also do not have to wait salary for a month, two months, three months. Advertisers will pay in advance the ads that appear on your blog.This method is also done by Mas Sugeng to memonetize his blog.

3. Become an Advertising Network Publisher

The third way is to become a publisher of advertising networks such as Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Adversal, Adsterra, Adreactor, Adnow, Taboola, Kliksaya, AdsenseCamp, Infolink, Clicksor, and so many others that you can search on google.

In addition to these three ways, of course there are many dozens of other ways to make money from blogs.

How I Get the Dollar from Blog

Of the three ways, I use the third way is to become a publisher. Want to sell online, have no talent. Want to provide self-contained ad there is no science. So while just being a publisher.

I currently use CPM-based advertising networks from the following sites:

1. PopAds

I use these PopAds just for fun just the truth. Ads from PopAds is actually only I put on my blog that is less care.

Up until now, I only paid Payout twice from PopAds. Please check My First Payment from PopAds and my second payment from PopAds I received in January 2016.

2. Adsterra

I am still experimenting with Adsterra. Still test and compare my earnings with earnings from other CPM base ads.Ads from new Adsterra I post a few days, less than a week, with my earning value that I'm still testing with various ad placements and ad types.

Sometime I will write post about Review from Adsterra .

3. Adreactor

I'm also trying to use Adreactor ads on my blog. And the results are pretty good to be juxtaposed with other ads.Proof of payment from Adreactor I can not show because I myself only use adreactor mid January 2016. Alhamdulillah already exceed the minimum payout Adreactor for $ 50.

Insyaalloh next month payout. After payout I will share my experience using ads from Adreactor.

4. RevenueHits

If you often read my blog of course you will get a lot of my writing about RevenueHits.I have several Payouts from RevenueHits. Previously I have posted Post Proof of Payout RevenueHits the Fifth .

Late January 2016 I am getting paid from RevenueHits for $ 277.80. Here is the email I received from Paypal:
bukti payout revenuehits

And here is my earnings view in Payments RevenueHits menu.

It turns out my income from ReveneuHits is greater than from Google Adsense.

For those of you who are rejected by Google Adsense , do not have a broken heart and discouraged. Make money from blogs not only through Google Adsense . You can look for other alternatives.An important key to making a lot of dollars from blogs is to increase your blog traffic. Without high traffic, with Google Adsense too, you will not produce anything.

Focus your blog traffic first, then think about how to generate dollars from blog . Happy hunting dollar. Greetings bloggers.