√ Review of Payment Proofs from Mediavenus

On the last occasion, kangdede had tasted a few times the ad income adnow.com that has alladsnetwork.web.id write reviews on My blog.id But somehow without a word, adnow suddenly disappeared without a trace . However, after the departure of adnow.com, adsreview.xyz received an advertising offer from Mediavenus.

What is Mediavenus? And Why Choose Mediavenus

Mediavenus is an ad network that works with the CPC system (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Million). As for the price of CPC Kangdede not too far away with Adnow or Playclick. The difference lies in the payment system. If adnow and payclick dare to pay upfront, Mediavenus still make payments every week with minimum payout for paypal of US $ 15.

Unlike Adnow.com / payclik.com, Mediavenus has a flexible ad format that we can customize to the needs / placement on our website, such as ad layout, text color, ad size and so on.

 CPM Advertising format provided from Mediavenus shaped banner measuring 300 × 250. While the CPC ad format of mediavenus available native ads that can be adjusted size and appearance.

From blog tradisikita.my.id and sakuilmu.net, the value of CTR ( Click-through rate ) obtained from CPC Mediavenus advertisements ranged from 0.11 to 0.85. As for the CPM ranged from 0.01-0.07. Overall value gained from the same ad placement position, Mediavenus is lower than adnow but higher than payclick. Maybe your blog / website can get higher than have adsreview.xyz .
Proof of Payment from Mediavenus

adsreview.xyz  advertises mediavenus in a fad and initially appears various doubts as it is still rare review of mediavenus payments from bloggers in Indonesia. However, these doubts vanished after last week the balance of advertising revenue in Mediavenus reached the minimum limit.

Although not too big (US $ 17.3) with a modest ad format Kangdede paid by Mediavenus who directly send the dollar to paypal account.

But before finally paid, adsreview.xyz also had shrunk because the process of moderation of the balance is long enough that is 1 week. But after a long wait, finally all upset, the hesitation of Mediavenus's advertising network disappeared already ....

Proof of Payment from Mediavenus

Review of Payment Evidence from Mediavenus

Although  first find this mediavenus from an email sent by the account manager Mediavenus, but for you who want to try to put mediavenus ads, can directly register on mediavenus site.

Mediavenus can be an alternative for Buddy that has not been accepted by google adsense, or who want to maximize revenue blognya, apart from google adsense.

Similarly Buddy Proof of Payment from Mediavenus, may be useful.