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Propeller Ads Review - Most bloggers and website owners would want to make money from their website. However, not infrequently bloggers feel difficult because the submission to join the advertising program never received, such as Google Adsense. Indeed there is an advertising network that directly receive a new publisher, but unfortunately the potential is less good because the earnings of the advertising program is too small. Then how the solution?
Create a blogger buddy who has a blog / website and want to immediately make money from the blog , may be trying to join a publisher PropellerAds. PropellerAds is an online advertising service that provides a new golden opportunity for Indonesian publishers to generate greater online earnings from their website. Online advertising network can also be used by the Advertiser Indonesia for promotion in the global market.

At a glance About PropellerAds

PropellerAds (Propellerads.com) was established in the UK in 2011. The company provides online advertising with CPM (cost per million) system to Publisher, as well as CPA (cost per action) and CPL (cost per lead) system for Advertisers. For some Indonesian publishers, PropellerAds is quite popular although there are still some who are not so familiar with this online advertising network.

Currently PropellerAds comes closer to providing services for Publisher and Advertiser Indonesia at www.PropellerAds.com/Indonesia . The company receives blogs / websites from various topics, including; Games, movies, entertainment, software, up to the topic of finance and investment. PropellerAds offers advertising media for desktop, mobile and video. And the good news is, PropellerAds offers the easiest solution for earning online income from your website on easy terms.
Income from CPM PropellerAds ads is relatively high with a fill rate of up to 100% for international traffic. PropellerAds also has advanced ad optimization technology so we do not have to bother testing CPA. To join there is no minimal traffic, you must directly diapprove and can directly install the ad code on your website. Uniquely, PropellerAds also offers a referral program where you will earn 5% of your referral income, for life!
With the name On Click Ads, PropellerAds is a global market leader for PopUnder ads. In contrast to PPC (pay per click) programs, with high CPM PopUnder from PropellerAds is potentially providing more revenue from your website traffic.
See the following picture,

Become a Publisher PropellerAds

As mentioned earlier, the requirement to become a publisher of PropellerAds is very easy, even if they say they accept a new publisher without certain conditions. You can register a blog that uses a paid platform or a free platform. After passing the registration process, publisher can directly install PropellerAds ad code on their blog / website.
Here are some easy steps to register in PropellerAds:
1. Go to the PropellerAds home page
2. Fill the form in the bottom right.
  • Email: Fill with your email address
  • Skype: Fill in with your Skype ID
  • Website: Fill with your blog address / website
After entering your data correctly, click the Start Now button to register. Later side PropellerAds will send an email to your inbox, do the confirmation by clicking the link in the email. After successful confirmation, you can register your blog / website you want to be monetize.
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Screenshot Dashboard Revenue Propeller Adams

Ad Type In PropellerAds

Propellers support ads for desktops as well as ads for mobile. So, if your #website traffic comes from desktop and mobile then the potential income would be bigger.

1. Ad Types for Desktop
There are several types of desktop ads, including; PopUnders, Direct Link, Banner, and others. More information on desktop ad types please see at http://help.PropellerAds.com/section/ad-products .
PropellerAds ads can be optimized by country and site, this allows a fairly high CPM rate, especially for OnClick ads. According to the data I get, there are currently 3000 active campaigns in PropellerAds that are always supported by a responsive customer support team.
Propellers are very concerned about their Advertiser and Publisher, all the ads have gone through the checking process and they guarantee the security of the ad network so you do not have to worry about problem advertisement. In addition, PropellerAds reporting system is also easy and real-time.
PropellerAds supports almost all types and banner sizes, can be customized with ad space on your website. For areas with the best CPM are North America, Australia, Europe Bara, and Eastern Europe. OnClick ads are ads that use the full monitor area, potentially boosting revenue by up to 200%. This ad will also not interfere with other advertising spots on your website, and does not affect the quality of your website #SEO .
See an example of the display of a PropellerAds desktop ad

Types Of Ads For Mobile Traffic

For mobile traffic, PropellerAds provides two types of ads, namely Dialog Ads and Interstitial Ads. Interstitial Ads and Dialogs will make 100% of your mobile web traffic earning with safe and quality ads without redirects. In addition, your visitors also easily return to your web content and can be combined with Google Adsense ads .
For mobile visitors, eCPM Rate is up to 3 times higher than regular banner ads because CTR and its conversions are higher. Ads for mobile traffic can reach the entire world, all smartphone OS. Easy integration without interrupting other ads that exist on your mobile web, and not necessarily mobile optimized websites.
Example Interstitial Ads
Sample Dialog Ads

Payment PropellerAds

There are several payment methods provided by PropellerAds, including via Payoneer, Webmoney, ePayments, EPESE, and also via bank transfer (wire transfer). Soon PropellerAds will also support payments via Paypal. So publishers can choose the method of payment that is considered the easiest because PropellerAds can serve the payment method well.
Below is an earning view of one of my friend's blogs that is monetized with PropellerAds. My friend's website topic is Anime Movie which is quite large traffic, but can not be registered for Google Adsense.
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Become an Advertiser in PropellerAds

For those of you who want to promote your website or business, PropellerAds can be one excellent option you know. With the international website network, PropellerAds will greatly facilitate the Advertiser to reach the global market. Advertisers can choose the types of ads that are considered most appropriate, such as CPM-based ads, CPA, CPL, Pay Per Impression, and video ads.
Each Advertiser will be assisted by a personal Account Manager who is always ready to guide and answer all questions. For more information about the Advertiser program, you can contact the PropellerAds at email indonesia@propellerads.com . Keep trying and good luck!