√ Earnings PopCash, PopAds, RevenueHits, PropellerAds, Bidvertiser, AdsOptimal, Kliksaya, Dan Clicksor

Ads Review - Great ? Income RevenueHits, PopCash, PopAds, PropellerAds, AdsOptimal, Bidvertiser, Kliksaya, and Clicksor - This kind of question is very reasonable if we want to try to pit fortune by monetizing blogs or want to earn money from the internet by placing ads on blogs so that the website / blog Which we manage to make money.

For beginner bloggers, perhaps the best way to choose an ad provider that really proves to pay and can make a lot of money as expected is to look for references from bloggers who have already experienced the income from a particular online advertising service.

But my advice is to prove the truth, the best way is to try to sign up for the ads themselves so that we can directly gain experience, because after all the saying goes that "Good Teacher is an Experience".

In addition, the thing to consider before deciding to choose the type of advertising used is to understand how the ads work, such as PPC Type Ads, CPA, CPM , or other types of advertising services, because after all each type of advertising has advantages and disadvantages of each, For it has become our duty to be able to take advantage of all the advantages of advertising and minimize the lack of advertising so that we can get the maximum income.

On this occasion I will share some experiences about some types of ads I've been following, and in this case I will compare the revenue I receive from PopCash, PopAds, Revenuehits, PropellerAds, Bidvertiser, Kliksaya, Cliksor, and AdsOptimal ads by using blog And the same number of visitors.

Blog Theme: News
Visitor: 1800 -2000 with Page View 3900 - 5200 Histats version.

1. PopCash Reviews .
Daily income $ 0.9 - $ 1.3

Excess PopCash.
  • Ads are only displayed by IP, or one visitor per ad, so the display of ads once, so as not to disturb visitors.
  • Revenue earned stable, as long as the number of visitors to your blog is also stable.
  • Support HTTPS.
PopCash Deficiency.
  • Withdrawal fee or fee of 0.02%.
  • Minimum Pay Out $ 10 via Paypal.
For those who want to Try, please Register PopCash Free.

2. Reviews PopAds .
Daily income $ 0.12 - $ 0.3

Excess PopAds.
  • Ads in the show as many as the number of pages opened by visitors, so the possibility to get more impressions.
  • Revenue earned stable, as long as the number of visitors to your blog is also stable.
  • To register PopAds does not require difficult requirements.
  • Minimum Pay Out $ 5.
  • Withdrawals are free or no charge.
Disadvantages of PopAds.
  • Because the ads are displayed as many as the number of pages that are opened, so ads that appear overwhelming, and most likely display ads will greatly disrupt the convenience of visitors.
  • Earnings are very small.
For those who want to prove it, please Sign Up for Latest Free PopAds.

3. Reviews PropellerAds Media .
Daily income $ 0.3 - $ 0.5

Excess PropellerAds Media.
  • The displayed ads are the number of pages opened by visitors, making it possible to get more clicks and impressions.
  • Types of ads are numerous and varied, popunder and banner.
  • To be a PropellerAds ad publisher does not require complicated terms.
Disadvantages of Media PropellerAds.
  • To be able to install banner ads, blogs or sites must have a minimum of 10,000 visitors per day.
  • Minimum Pay Out $ 100.
  • Revenue is relatively small.
To try, please Register PropellerAds Media.

4. Reviews RevenueHits .
Daily income $ 1.8 - $ 2.6

Excess RevenueHits.
  • Ads in the show as many as the number of pages opened by visitors, so the possibility to get the action on the ad more.
  • The commission given is relatively high, because RevenueHits uses CPA (Cost Per Action) system.
  • The ads provided are numerous, popunder and banner.
  • There is no special requirement to become a publisher of RevenueHits.
  • Support HTTPS.
Lack of RevenueHits.
  • Commissions based on action calculations that occur in the ad, meaning you will not be paid despite the number of clicks and impressions much without any action on the ad.
  • Minimum Pay Out $ 20.
For those of you interested, please Register RevenueHits Free.

5. Reviews Bidvertiser .
Daily income $ 0.4 - $ 1.2

First I use ads to monetize a blog is to use Bidvertiser, then I think this is the best ad I think after Google Adsense, because with a blog that only has the number of 900 visitors per day I can get a commission of $ 19 per month, with just one ad unit Installed on the blog.

Excess Bidvertiser.
  • The displayed ads are as many as the number of pages opened by the visitor, making it possible to get more clicks on the ad.
  • In addition to earning commissions from the large number of clicks, Bidvertiser also uses an ad conversion system that allows publishers to earn additional commissions.
  • To become a publisher Bidvertiser does not require complicated terms.
  • Pay Out $ 10 Via Paypal is free of cost.
Lack of Bidvertiser.
  • If you are wrong in entering the Blog Description or Themes at registration, the ads rarely appear or the ad units show only empty boxes, and to change the blog description you must contact the bidvertiser and take approximately 1 week.
  • Does not support https, so for blogspot users who have switched to the https feature, can be sure bidvertiser ads will not appear or Bidvertiser Ads Can not Appear On Blog, for that you must Turn off Features Blogger Https.
  • Income earned is unstable, because Bidvertiser is a PPC (Pay per Click) type ad.
  • For blogspot users, I recommend being careful if you want to monetize blog with Bidvertiser, because according to personal experience, to 7 my blog is lost from Google due to install Bidvertiser ads.
For those who do not trust, please Register Bidvertiser Free.

6. Review AdsOptimal .
For AdsOptimal, this ad is CPI (Cost Per Impressi) type, so ready ads are displayed, you will get a commission, and because I myself have never tried, then I can not give a detailed explanation.

But if reading from various sources, the income is higher if we have a premium account AdsOptimal, but instead there are some sources that say, AdsOptimal income is very disappointing for AdsOptimal Free account, which means that income is very small.

Excess AdsOptimal.
  • You will get a Fee of $ 15 after your account is approved or account already Approve.
Lack of AdsOptimal.
  • Minimum Pay Out $ 50.
  • To be a publisher is somewhat difficult.
For those who want to try it, please read New Way Register AdsOptimal.

7. My Click Review .
Kliksaya.com is an advertising market devoted to online advertising media in Indonesia, my click is one of the best Local PPCs to date.

The best here is articulation, that my click is not a scam or kliksaya really proved to pay the publisher, but if talking about the amount of income received is of course still below the average ad from abroad.

Because I myself can only pay out of Rp. 71.910 takes 3 months, and even then still charge 6,500 fee for the transfer fee, for more details please read the article about Proof of Payment Kliksaya Terbaru.

Clicks Excess.
  • To register my click very easy way, the blog or site must have at least 10,000 Page Views / month or at least Blog should have visitors at least 400 / per day
Lack of Kliksaya.
  • Each withdrawal is subject to a transfer fee of Rp. 6.500,  .
  • Pay Out each balance reaches Rp. 60.000, but for blogs that only have visitors under 1000 per day I guarantee will pay out takes 2 - 3 months, because for publisher kliksaya, to get a nominal 60,000 is not an easy matter.
  • The ads I display on my clicks are less variable, as most ads are adult.
  • Does not Support HTTPS.
For those who are still curious please Register Kliksaya Gratis.

8. Clicksor .
Clicksor is an advertising medium that you can try to earn money from the internet, clicksor offers popunder ads and banner ads with a commissioning system based on every 1000 ads impressions, or generally called CPM type ads (Cost Per Mil), but once the commission That given Clicksor to Publisher is still relatively small when compared with other similar ads.

Excess Clicksor.
  • To be a Clicksor publisher the way is very easy, you live list of direct received.
Lack of Clicksor.
  • Ads that appear insistent, so it can be very disturbing comfort visitors.
Maybe from what I have explained about the amount of income from PopCash, PopAds, PropellerAds, AdsOptimal, RevenueHits, Bidvertiser, Kliksaya, and Clicksor you will not believe it, because I do not include screenshoot of some advertising services I mentioned, Strongly recommend to readers to try it for themselves.

From the experimental results I have done with trying to earn money from the internet by joining from several advertising media, I strongly recommend you to try to join PopCash and RevenueHits , let alone you can attract visitors from USA and EUROPE who have value Action-click price is very High, because from experience I was able to earn money of $ 95 - $ 105 per month from both ad services, quite sufficient to be able to buy cendol one cart.

Conclusion .
Each Niche Blog has different ways of doing monetization and not all types of ads are suitable for certain blog theme types, so if you want to earn the most from blogs, then you must be observant in determining the appropriate type of advertising for your blog.

Maybe from readers there who want to add experience after joining some ad providers that I have mentioned above, please pass the comments field.