√ Income PopCash and PopAds (Complete With SS Earning)

POPCASH and POPADS Ads Review - Because it is considered easy in terms of registration and advertising, PopCash and PopAds are 2 CPM ads that have always been subscribed to the bloggers Indonesia to memonitize their blog.Both ads are CPM-based, where the publisher (you) will be paid according to the number of traffic your blog has, the more traffic your blog visitors have, the more income you can.

Are PopCash and PopAds the same?
Different, as well as the income, minimum payout, payment method, and ads displayed.

Here's my review regarding PopCash and PopAds:
Ad Details
Each advertiser's site has its own policy of governing its publishers. Includes payment policies, payment methods, payment periods and ad types presented. Here I will describe ad details from PopAds and PopCash:


        Commission Type : CPM
        Ad Type : Popunder, Pop-up, Tab-under, Tab-up
        Minimum Payment : $ 5
        Payment Frequency : Directly delivered
        Payment Method : Paypal, Alertpay
        Email : support@popads.net


        Commission Type: CPM
        Ad Type : Pop-up
        Minimum Payment : $ 10
        Payment Frequency : Directly delivered
        Payment Method : Paypal, Paxum, Payza
        Email : contact@popcash.net

Review :
Here is a review of my experience installing each of these ads. You can see the earning ratio obtained from the available shoot screen. In this review, I use a blog with traffic ranging from 8-12k Pageview per day. For popunder ads, I just turn them on desktop and do not enable them for mobile viewing


The first one is PopAds, as long as I use popads, there is one thing that really annoys me, that is, the ads that come up and appear, in addition to the ads that appear insistent, the impression contained in the dashboard PopAds very different from my original blog traffic.If my blog has Page view up to 12k, which appears in the dashboard PopAds only about 1000 impressions only, that's what makes me sick of using PopAds.

But PopAds has other advantages, which can set any type of ad that may appear, such as the choice of type of advertising (Pop-under / Pop-up / Tab-under / Tab-Up), advertising can be voiced or not, Video) or not, all of which can be set in the Add-Site menu.

Still, in my experience, PopAds revenue is the worst of all ads in this review


PopCash is not much different from PopAds, the same earning and impression are not the same as the blog traffic. Only PopCash Ads appear only once for 1 IP

In short, I think PopCash is nicer than PopAds, because it does not interfere with visitor convenience, about the least amount of income affairs lately.