Do not Underestimate Infolinks (I Can $ 1000 in 15 Days!)

Infolinks is a pay per click program that I have been following since January 12th yesterday. In the first two weeks, I earned $ 230 . Although I am very happy with this result, but I assume that revenue from Infolinks will not be as big as I earn from Google AdSense.

In fact, my assumption is wrong because my income Infolinks reached $ 1,054.26 in 15 days. In other words, $ 70.28 per day.

For more details, please click the screenshots of income from 1 to February 15, 2012 below.
infolinks earning

The above income comes from my 6 niche blogs. Initially, 3 of the 6 blogs I monetize with Google AdSense.

Since each blog's earnings were less than satisfactory, under $ 1 per day, I decided to replace Google AdSense with Infolinks on January 31st. Alhmadulilah, these three blogs are able to boost earnings significantly.

Of course I am grateful and really happy with the performance of this Infolinks.

So I asked myself:
  • What if I put Infolinks on all my blog niche? 
  • What if I make dozens of new niche blogs that I focus on Infolinks?
  •   What if I add dozens of articles on my six blogs?