Win Cash For $ 1750 in Competition Payclick

Payclick as one of the providers of PPC ads based on native ads in early April held a competition with a total prize of $ 1750 or more for a 23 Million dollar exchange rate at the moment.Payclick competition officially started on April 11 with a term or condition that is very easy for you the owner of the blog or website.

competition Payclick

Anyone can participate in this competition?
  • All alone can participate as long as you have a blog or website, there will be several different categories dikompetisi is that you can choose.
Who can win?
  •  Everything could have the same opportunity, the winner will be chosen at random, so you have the same opportunity as all other participants.
 How much can we win?
  • As many as you can, there is no limit on how many categories that you can follow, so you can win a prize of $ 1750.

If you are interested in following the competition rules to follow,

Competition Rules
  • FIRST WINNERS will be selected at random on the 25th of april. The winner will be selected from all the webmaster has installed a hand or sidebar widget. The bonus will be awarded $ 300.
  • TWO WINNERS will be selected randomly on 4 May. Winners will be selected randomly by giving her an announcement like this contest on Facebook. The bonus will be awarded $ 50.
  • THREE WINNERS will be selected on the 10th of May. The winner will be selected at random from all the webmaster has installed the widget in the middle of the content. The bonus will be awarded $ 300.
  • FOUR WINNERS will be selected at random on 16th May of every webmaster who has given her an announcement like this contest on Facebook. The bonus will be awarded $ 1000.

Quite tempting is not it, with only advertise Payclick you will have the chance to win prizes above, so that you could win a $ 1750 prize yes you follow all the above competition. So you will be more opportunities.

How to Participate in the Competition Payclick
  • Enroll in Payclick or (if you register) to confirm your participation by clicking Participation.
  • For new members, install at least one widget blog or website,
  • For the old members, please add one more widget to your blog or website.
  • During the contest period, the widget you have to reach at least 300 unique impressions per day according to statistics Payclick, so if you have a website or blog impression of less than 300, then you have not been able to participate in this competition.
  • Only a blog or website in Language Indonesian, Vietnam and Thailand who can participate in this competition.
You need to know more, Payclick reserves the right to disqualify any entrant if cheating like Fake Traffic, double-clicking, typing in, and modifications to the code. If that happens, then you will immediately be issued in the contest.

And following an official source from Payclick

That information about Payclick Competition with Total Prize of $ 1750, this information may be useful for you and good luck.