RunCPA Review : World's First Bitcoin CPA Affiliate Network

RunCPA is the first affiliate network which is using Bitcoin as the only payment option. It is using Blockchain technology for the complete payment solutions. The revenue model of this network is CPA. Launched in 2014 this affiliate network is serving more than 5000 webmasters worldwide. The biggest wonder is this network is private. You just need an E-Mail address to join this network. No other affiliate network would allow anyone without knowing promotional strategies and traffic. But, here you can straightaway promote offers. You get paid only when someone take action. It could be a sale or sign up or any task.
There are no strict requirements to join this performance based network. But, the webmasters must not offer gits or money to people for the sake of conversions. The traffic should be legitimate.

Categories / Topcis

At the moment the available categories are all about Bitcoin – BTC mining, investments, gambling Signup

The signup is the simplest I’ve ever seen. You need nothing more than your anonymous e-mail address and a password. Then you are in immediately after clicking the confirmation link in the mail which arrives instantly.

Any Contracts?

The great thing about affiliate networks is how easy going they are. Publishers and advertisers both can easily signup to participate. There are no contracts to sign. Everyone can just start and stop advertising or earning money as they want.

Advertising with

Just create a new campaign within your account

Ad Network Fees

The fees per action are round about 20%.

Campaign types

CPA: RunCPA is based on a Cost/Pay per Action system. Publishers get payed when they actually generate sales or achieve other goals for the advertisers, such as new signups at the advertiser’s website. 

Creating Ads on

Creating campaings is simple and self-explaining. Just fill in all the required data about your campaign, put in the exact offer deeplink. That’s it. When your campaign is created, publishers can find it in the offers list and start advertising for you.

Earning Bitcoin with

Instand payments: RunCPA gets prepayments from avertisers so affiliates can get instant payments for confirmed actions.
RunCPA’s actual earning models include:
  • pay per click
  • pay per lead
  • pay per payment
  • lifetime revenue share
In the offers list you can choose the campaign you want to promote. Click on it to get to the campaign detais. There you find a „Download banners“ link on the bottom, as well as a downloadable list of suggested keywords for the campaign.
There you find all details such as:
  • rewards (How much you get for sales/leads)
  • advantages to you as an affiliate
  • advantages to clients (which you can use in your recommendations / adverts)
When you click in „get offer“ on the bottom, your individual affiliate links appear. (Copy the link below „Target URL“). You can use sub IDs as described at that point.
First of all, runcpa offers to rotate ads on an ad unit which you define on your website. This works with the ad rotator. The ad rotator is a tool which creates the html code for your website which will deliver rotating ads into a defined space on your website. So check where on your website you have some free space which you want to use for advertisements to make money.
There are only very few campaigns to choose. You can put one checkmark to only get this specific ad or you can set more checkmarks for rotating ads.
Hint: Choose a place on the top part of your site – this will get way more attention then ads somewhere in the middle or at the bottom. So it will make more money. The placement is very important.