AffiliateWolf - A CPA Network Pays in Ethereum as Payment

Affiliatewolf is one of the very first serious bitcoin affiliate networks. An affiliate network is a type of ad network, where publishers and advertisers are entering into a partnership one by one. Publishers can apply for single advertiser programs. The other way round, advertisers can invite specific publishers to participate in their affiliate program.
The most common campaign type at affiliate networks is CPA, which means publishers are payed per action, Usually per sale or per new customer lead.

Countries is a globally operating bitcoin affiliate network which offers to advertise in more than 200 different countries.

Categories / topcis

They don’t have a list of specific categories to choose from when creating a new campaign. You can fill in just any category fitting your offer.

Payment Method

The bitcoin affiliate networks accepts Bitcoin, Etherium and Paypal. Additionally you can claim your withdrawls also as check or wire transfer. Fill in these details in the „Payment details“ field when signing up. Signup

The registration at requires lots of personal data, just like at any other affiliate network as well. They need your name, address, e-mail, password, pament method, payment details such as your bitcoin wallet address or paypal e-mail address.

Any Contracts?

There are no ongoing contracts or fees. As a publisher you can start and stop advertising for a advertsier / campaign any time you want. As a advertiser you have the same right to start and quit whenever you want. The ad network gets payed by the included fees

Advertising with

Ad Network Fees

The fees are a certain percentage of the CPA and are payed by the advertisers.

Campaign Types

CPA: Publishers get payed for Sales, Leads, Signups or other specific goals.

Creating Campaigns at

Creating campaigns is fairly simple. You just need to fill in the campaign name, a description, the offer URL, how much you pay for leads, payout details, select the country, your device targets and finally fill in the category. Then just click on the button to create the campaign.
When publishers find it in the campaigns list, they can choose to advertise for your campaign.

Earning Bitcoin with

If you want to earn money with your website, watch the campaigns list to see which campaings fit your topics. You can take the referral link of the campaign and use it on your website. It’s up to how and where exactly you are advertising for the campaign. (Banners, recommendations in articles etc.)