MellowAds - Ad Network Listing, Reviews, Payment Proof is an anonymous bitcoin ad network for those who advertise in the fields of gambling, NSFW or shady, as these topics are explicitly allowed. 

Categories / topcis

The Bitcoin ad network doesn’t show a list of categories concerning the participating websites. You only get an overview of the sites‘ topics if you visit the „banner network“ site. There you find the complete list of ad spaces which are currently available. By just quickly crossing the list with your eyes, you get a rough impression what kind of sites are participating in the network. Most of these sites allow at least one or two of the sensitive topics such as NSFW, gambling, drugs or investment. And that’s for a reason. So if your website fits one of these topics, this ad network might be a good choice.


Signing up at Mellowads is fairly simple and quick. There is no need for any personal data. Just enter an e-mail address and choose a strong password, pass the human verification captcha – that’s it. If you don’t advertise for a platform which shows your identity in the imprint, everything runs completely anonymous.

Any Contracts?

There is no contract. You descide how much you invest in adverts, how long campaings run, your daily budget and you can stop at any time. The same applies to publishers, no contract, full control of what kind of adverts appeaer on your site and you can just quit when you want.

Advertising with Mellowads

Ad Network Fees

This bitcoin ad network has the lowest fees of the market:
  • 10% Fees for network campaigns
  • 0% Fees for direct campaigns

Campaign types

They support CPM and CPC campaigns.
Network capaigns start from 0.001 BTC ($0.25) per day. You descide how many days they run. There is no mimimum or contract with ongoing fees.

Mellowads Banner Network

The ad network works really transparent. If you click on „banner network“ for instance, you get the complete list of ad units (ad spaces on publisher sites) which you can buy for your ads.
In this ad unit table you see the views and clicks of each ad space for eather today, yesterday or last 7 days, depending on the filter setting. You get today’s view by default. Additionally they show the ad space’s size and format, the location on the site, the CPM and CPC and even the sensitive categories, wich are allowed on this site, are listed, too. And, last but not least, they show the number of campaigns which are currently booked for this ad space by advertisers.
The banner network contains round about 3400 ad units. Many publisher sites have several different ad units, so the amount of websites is lower than 3400 and can’t be determined exactly at that point.

Mellowads Pop-Under Network has a second internal ad network, which is just for pop-under advertisements. This network is based on CPM only. This network counts round about 1700 ad units. You can see all details as already mentioned above.

Creating Text Ads on

I personally like the typography of the mellowads text campaigns, as they have a nice straight sans serif font. You can adjust the colors of the ad by choosing the following areas: Background, Background hover, Border (set it to #fffff and there is none as it’d be white), Title, Text and the small website URL on the bottom of the layout.
As you can pick the exact sites for your ads you can – or should – adjust the colors of your ad fitting to the platform to enhance the click rate. „Fitting“ doesn’t neccessarily mean in the same colors, it could also be complementary colors, to stand out more. As a designer for this detail, fi you have no clue. It’s quite important for the visibility and performance of your ad.
It’s important to use a short title, which sounds appealing so users can’t hold them selves back and must click to find out what this ad is about. Think about the same when creating the text line below the title. Short and very appealing.
After creating your ad you need to submit it for approval which can take up to 24 hours till you can go on.
Now you can do percise targetting, like choosing publisher sites manually (direct campaings), target languages, countries, precise daily times for impressions and more. Choose your daily budget and then start advertising. Check your daily performance statistics, so you can compare your investment with your goals!

Earning Bitcoin with

If you want to become a publisher of the mellowads bitcoin ad network, you’ll achieve your target in maybe less than a minute. Sign up, then simply click on „ad website“ in your account. Fill in the name and URL of the website you want to use for earning btc, check the sensitive categories to allow whatever you wish and click on „add“. In the next step you get a code which is for validating that this website is really yours. Use one of the valitation methods which are shown at that point.
After successful validation you can create an ad space for that website. Actually, you can even create up to 5 ad spaces for one website, but not more than that. If you do so, they will only pay you for the performance of the 5 best untis. 

There are 2 revenue streams available for publishers:

Direct campaigns: In this case the CPM price which you get from the advertisers is set by you and you get 100% of the revenue. Mellowads don’t claim any fees in this case (really 0%!)
Network campaigns: If you don’t have a direct campaign running, your ad space gets filled by network campaigns. This means that the advertisers‘ ads are shown on your site as well as on other publisher sites randomly. 90 % of all revenue is shared between the participating publishers, but of course proportionally to the amount of unique daily impressions the sites supply. Mellowads gets the remaining 10% as fees to keep up the system.
When you’ve created your ad units you just need to put the html codes in your website, then start earning bitcoin right away!