√ PopCash Review - Popunder Traffic Indonesia Ad Network

Ads Review - PopCash is one of the Popunder ads network that receives traffic from Indonesia. Then how does it feel to put it on our blog ?.

After previously we reviewed the Popunder POPTM ad network, which currently (14/09/2016) we think is still the best among other Popunder ad networks. Now we will try to review Popcash.net.

Popcash itself is an advertising network from the USA since from 2012 and reportedly now been bought by parties from India. Popcash is very easy to receive for prospective publishers who want to register their site to Popcash.net. So suitable for beginners who want to try his blog to generate dollars.

Excess PopCash
- Ads appear only per IP within 24 hours. So suitable for sites that already have high traffic.
- Timely payment.
- Has minimum payment of 10 $.
- Can Payout every day.
- Ads can be Pause, Start, Stop .

Rate eCPM / Per-CPM Pay
Here is the eCPM of one of our websites with most traffic from Indonesia:

With website traffic pageviews about 10 thousand. Generate impressions around 4 thousand get about 3 $ per day. Compared to POPTM, the result will be bigger, since poptm displays perIP per hour not per 24h, so Poptm can generate more impressions than PopCash. The eCPM rate from Popcash is still relatively similar to Poptm (but Poptm is often very high eCPM its day-to-day).

Payout from PopCash
PopCash can be in Payout via Paypal, Payza, Paxum. Minimum payment is 10 $. And can payout every day.

Here's proof of payment from PopCash:

Finally, so our review of PopCash from one of our sites. Please friends summarize themselves whether PopCash is suitable if installed on the blog friends. My suggestion is better friends try it yourself. Thanks.