√ Criteo CPM Review - The Most Cool and Clean Ad Banner Shape after Adsense?

Ads Review - Criteo has the coolest and cleanest banner ad form after Adsense? Relaxed, that's my subjective opinion so far. Please be listened to the end of the article yes.

Criteo is one of the ad networks that receive traffic from Indonesia. Criteo was founded in the city of Paris, France. Founded by Jean-Baptiste Rudelle, Franke Le Ouey and Romain Nicoll in 2005. And now Criteo has been used by over 180 million sites from 30 countries or more.

After opening a regional branch office in Singapore in 2013, now criteo has penetrated other Southeast Asian region, including Indonesia. Criteo is determined to help Indonesian companies to provide better and better targeted marketing performance. And with Indonesia's population of 250,000,000, Indonesia is seen as a very promising market for Criteo.

The requirement to register as a publisher of Criteo ads is easy. Without any special terms to register your site. So that the ratio of your site receipt is high, my suggestion pageview and visitor your site is good, that is between thousands per day.

Criteo supports banner / display ads format. With a large selection of banners, almost all sizes support. But it does not support automatic banner sizes like adsense.

Surely you've been wondering how the form of advertising from Criteo, yes because we think it's a plus point from Criteo. Please see below first yes: 

Sample Banner 300x250 Criteo
Sample Banner 970x250 Criteo

How ? Cool is not it.
You need to know, so far after advertising from Criteo more than 4 months. Currently, ads from criteo only show ads from companies of major online stores in Indonesia. Like Tokopedia, bukalapak, Lazada and many others. And if we see from the example above, the form of advertising is very similar to adsense. We know that quite difficult to loh nyari CPM ad network in addition to the adsense banner as above. Because of that in many other CPM banner it only contains a banner 'download'. And that I think make our blog image becomes bad if our blog outside niche download. Well that's why I said Criteo is cool. Do you agree? : D.

How much eCPM or Paid from Criteo?
The company is headquartered in Paris is using the base CPM (Cost Per Million) and CPC (Cost Per Click). Which means, the publisher will be paid a thousand impressions or perklik of the ad.

For comparison, check out the statistics we took from one of our sites for 2 months (July - August 2016):

The above Criteo statistics are taken from the site with the number of page view sites between 24.000pv to 150.000pv. Or from the pageview, our site gets visitor (per IP) 7000v - 44000v. And by simply installing a banner with the size of 970x250 which place in the site header.

Well with visitors like that we get 3 $ -10 $ per day. Look at the graph statistics above that the blue line is revenue (revenue), Orange is an impression. Please also see the detailed statistics section of the end of August below:

More details , please open the following excel data to find out the statistical comparison of Criteo with our site statistics ( Histats ):
Link: https://1drv.ms/x/s!As6Te1DeqSxRhAz53HGuMtLG3FWX

Payment from Criteo is with NET30 system. Ad revenue will be paid in the next month. And usually Criteo will pay at the end of the month from the next month. But if your income has exceeded 50 $ yes. 

- Criteo highly recomended to be installed as an Adsense alternative. In addition to a good form of advertising, advertising revenue is also quite large.
- The above review is only for comparison , of course the taste of each site is different , therefore please try your own friends, please register here: https://publishers.criteo.com .

That is all and thank you.