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Being a beginner in the field of internet marketing, are you finding it difficult to choose the best ad network either for the publicity of your owned brand or earning satisfactory amount of review by the aid of the readers’ impressions? If the answer is yes, then you are right now in the right place to put an end to all of your worries as we are going to review the Massive Impact which is one of the leading ad network mainly facilitate mobile advertising.
Having an exclusive target to the mobile advertising, the Massive Impact was founded in the year of 2007. Though the head quarter is situated in the Israel; this ad network mainly exhibits the cost-per-action (CPA) business model rather than exhibiting the cost-per-impression as well as cost-per-click model. As this ad network possesses 1 billion people comprising 190 countries around the world as its network, that’s why it can be undoubtedly considered as one of the reputed ad networks.

How’s it service?

The key features of the service offered by its ad network are depicted in the following:

  • Being an advertiser under their hood, you have to pay only at the time of the conversion programme.
  • Efficient monetization process ensures the derivation of the maximum revenue amount.
  • Significant improvement almost 200% in the effective CPM is happened due to the authentication of the landing pages.
  • The mobile site publishers as well as app developers get a chance to experience end to end platform for the purpose of the ad discovery, ad monetization process as well as the acquisition of the users too.
  • Having the support for the all mobile platform results into the 99.9% fill rates for all the different business models such as CPM, CPC as well as CPA etc.
  • Mainly focused over the advertising market linked with the Asia pacific region & US.
  • Softbank, Gemini, PVP, SingTel are the reputed brands under this ad network. This ensures your revenue earning as a publisher.
  • Advanced technology of targeting ads to the specific audience results not only the publicity of the reputed brands in an efficient manner but also helps the publishers to earn a lump sum revenue amount without much hassles.
After consider all the above facts, it can be said that if you are planning to publicize your brand or want to earn a satisfactory amount of revenue by the mobile ad platform then this will surely be a perfect ad network for you. Let’s try it and share your views in the comment box.
Hope this Massive Impact review will be helpful for publishers and advertisers. In case you have already used it, please share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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