√ The Most Effective Way to Register Adsense Through Youtube (Full Update)

Why do we register Google Adsense account?
- The short and simple answer is to earn money.
So how is the easiest way to register google adsense account?
- In my experience the easiest and not complicated is through Youtube.
How to register google adsense account via youtube?
- Obviously you must have original video (original) to upload to youtube
Weight must we have an account on Youtube also dong?
- Yes .. yes, rather than asking questions and I answered myself. 
Please refer to the article the easiest way to register google adsense account below.
One I Gmail for All
One Gmail account is for everyone, so it's hard to be easy because with only 1 Gmail account, we can already register all.
That is the privilege of google, so we are not made complicated to create emails again until the stage of making adsense account.
Because all of it belongs to google, just need to go through the stages of the process in registration. So it must be remembered well email and paswordnya if necessary recorded and stored.
Why go through Youtube?
This method is the most easily accepted than registering google adsense account through blogspot (blog), which must go through the post review stage. Clearly we must prepare articles or blogs that are feasible. (Not in beta)
Well, we just prepare the stage of step register adsense account through youtube
Stage 1
Sign up for Google email , here I will not explain how to create a Gmail account, because I do not think it's too hard to create a Gmail account. For those who already have a gmail account, go straight to stage 2.
Phase 2
Sign in to Youtube , please go to Youtube page (with your Gmail) upload the video that you have prepared before, try your original video made. To simplify the process and do not wear background songs that violate the copyrights of others.
Stage 3
Account settings, Verify your youtube account first, usually using your mobile number. Next do the process in accordance with the image below.
Caption picture no 1
1. Click on the studio creator, which is in your profile picture
2. Click on channels - status and features
3. Under monetization, click Enable.
Next follow the instructions according to the picture, no 2, no 3, no 4 and no 5

Click image to enlarge


Adsense youtube
Adsense youtube
Adsense youtube
Caption number 6
Fill in country / territory column: Indonesia
Account type: Individual
Next enter the following payee name with full address, in this section is very important !!, write the address according to your identity. Adjust the address on your ID (put the house number). When done, click submit my application.
Why fill the address according to the ID? Because the party from Google will send a PIN by postal mail (not email) to your home if your balance will be on the verge of border, to verify your address. So please pay close attention.
Because of many cases, creating a google adsense account with an obscure address, making the delivery of PIN from google pending or not to the destination address, this will harm your own in the future.


So how to create a Google adsense account via Youtube, after the process is complete (picture 5) you will be asked to verify your new google adsense account through the mobile number.
After that just waiting for approval from the google adsense, usually the length of time 1 - 7 days or may be more, depending on the policy of google adsense.
But the experience that has been, in less than 3 days already directly in approved ( approved ). So diligent diligently just check your email.
This Adsense account only applies to Youtube only, to be able to display ads on the blog then it should increase the status of Adsense account (upgrade) by using its own domain name (Domain TLD)