√ Why Your Blog Is Not Also Accepted Google Adsense

Why until now your blog has not been received in google adsense? Though you already feel meet the criteria to apply for google adsense account, especially non google adsense account hosted. The same question may not be of yourself, even many bloggers who often ask questions, why it is difficult (difficult) once get a google adsense account non hosted. How special is this non hosted adsense account? So sometimes make disappointed the prospective registrants, ya .. disappointing because of the frequent rejection.

Among the bloggers who ask me one of them is myself, about 2 months ago I was in the annoyance (but in the heart) because of a barrage of rejection of the google adsense about my blog. What's wrong with this blog? Maybe i realized (finally realized) that google demands a quality. What is the quality of the intent? Let's try one by one, I share this special experience for readers who seem to have been frustrated, because often rejected google adsense.
  You must know, that the income from google adsense it is if the visitors click the blog ads that exist in your blog. Okay, means to get the click you have to get visitors. The question, if you (if only) have received google adsense if your blog will generate (money) if your own blog visitors are still minimal, but the provisions of the new google adsense can withdraw your income money after collected 100 dollars. Try to imagine, how long you will pay from google adsense, if your blog is empty of visitors (crowded visitors are not necessarily click ads).

I am aware of it, so to make money from google adsense how many visitors? I replied, need as many visitors. Continue from where to get that many visitors? I answer again, by writing as many articles as well, visitors will automatically come to your blog, provided you also know about how to optimize your blog, I am sure that among you many who have learned about SEO.
In order for your google adsense account is fully accepted
Actually it is very simple, after looking at the above description would you also would argue the same, if you want income then need visitors, if you want visitors, you just need to provide articles, and if you already have enough articles, and good traffic, Google adsense will surely accept with open arms. Simple is not, in need is patience, so to receive google adsense, you just need patience.

You are impatient or hurry it is useless, because the criteria and requirements of google adsense prioritize the quality of your own blog, with your patience can get a useful thing, your article also "directed", in the sense you can prepare a quality article, Not articles of origin. Remember, having a full approved google adsense account is a "long-term investment" , your article can be a determinant to earn an income.

If you understand what I am describing, surely you can catch the meaning implied (do not laugh), my goal just want to provide motivation, do not be discouraged if only rejected google adsense, you may be new in rejecting the first time, there are some bloggers Never rejected many times and finally received after the 7th request. So if you want to receive google adsense completely, make your blog quality, and you will make the google adsense party has no reason to reject it.