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Being included in the list of the reputed e-mail monetizing solutions, the Liveintent e-mail ad network was founded in the year – 2009. By providing efficient service over the past few years, they have acquired large network which consists of several valuables brands as well as reputed publishers too. Higher fill rates always ensured due to their integration with the most popular e-mail service providers such as MailChimp as well as SilverPop etc. For this reason, you do not have any necessity to change your email service provider only because of joining the network of the Liveintent. Though it is well known that earning high CPM with the e-mail ad network review is not so much easy, the Liveintent has become able to provide their publisher’s decent revenue earning every month by implementing the necessary traffic requirement.

Dealing solely with the e-mail monetization, it only provides CPM offers. The publisher list of this ad network includes The Wall Street Journal, The Weather Channel & Conde Nast etc.

Technical Features:
Though this ad network is devoid of word press plugin, it uses HTML implementation technology. Apart from this, there is also the availability of the mobile ad units. The specific HTML implementation technology results into pretty ad integration into the emails. After setting up the templates and integrating the same into the e-mails, you may expect higher fill rates with minimum maintenance.
Being a publisher, you may use this ad network mainly in two ways for earning huge revenue i.e. serving campaigns solely related to e-mail ads as well as the back filling of any unsold inventory via an ad network.

Sometimes you may not get ad content which is so much related to your niche. Though each of ads is embedded within the e-mails, the Liveintent cannot perform content analysis to provide you the scope to reach a more targeted audience like the other ad-networks. You may get very fewer click rates on the banners which are enclosed within the emails. If you are really expecting to earn a large amount of CPM within a very short time period then you may be disappointed by this ad network otherwise, you will surely gather a realistic experience by joining with the Liveintent.

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