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MGCash is a monetization solution and which is capable of generating pay from content, searches, and the web & mobile traffic. MGCash receives impressions from different sectors of the Industry, which should most probably cover every kind of business.


  • A variety of monetization methods to match the demands e-commerce marketers.
  • Provides unique and advanced tools, which offers some great involuntary ways of generating money.
  • Huge Number of HQ impressions are offered with flexible CPA models.
  • Lifetime 5% referral commission.
  • Mobile optimized platform.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Display relevant ads, for higher conversion ratio.
  • Exclusive offer from direct advertisers.

How does it work?

MGcash is capable of creating additional pay from content, display ads, and the web & mobile traffic. MGCash receives impressions from different sectors of the Industry, which covers almost every kind of business. Small as well as big-sized web publishers and advertisers can be benefited by MGCash. Let’s have a look at different products that empower MGcash for generating income for publishers.

Pre-Hosted Landing Page

A pre-hosted landing page attaches an MGCashlocker inside. Since the solution makes your web page pre-hosted so you will be immediately able to make money. The pre-host monetizing solution is probably the easiest way to generate revenue while the technology is limited to MGcash only.

Content Locker

If your website is loaded with exclusive content then you can lock such content with MGCash content locker. Once premium content is locked, the content generates income immediately whenever a visitor go through it.

File/Link Locker

MGcash file/ link locker puts a password protection to your file or link before making it available for download. Publisher can set a price for the link and get paid for every download.

Mobile Content Locker

Whether you are running a website, selling applications or managing crucial sources, these locking tools can generate revenues from the incoming traffic. MGcash offers device and country detection technology helps to display content relevant ads.

Mobile Popup

MGCash provides mobile pop-up ads that can get you pooled with premium advertisers for efficient advertising. The mobile popup is both technologically and audience-optimized, for putting only relevant ads.

URL Shrinker

URL shortening is another well-known monetization solution to monetize your links to be shared. Publisher can use this service to tiny their long URLs and share them to make additional income.

Overlay API

The Overlay API service is capable of generating money out of sophisticated online applications, games and software.

SoundCloud Locker

MGcash, offers you get to have 90% sale’s value. Just integrate their tool with SoundCloud locker and strat earning through sale or advertisements. These ads can be set to display across the world and you will get revenue in the form of different currencies.
Display Ads
MGCash provides deploy pop-up ads, rotate banner ads, footer ads, interstitial ads, side ads for filling the vacant side spots, or cover completely through Overlay ad.

Youtube Monetizer

Mgcash provides youtube monetizer which is a revolutionary new way to monetize Youtube traffic. Transform description link into a short link and earn additional income when people click on those links and see the advertisement page.

Payment Info

The payments of the revenue generated by these monetization methods are processed bi-weekly and released by different payment methods. Available payment options are Payoneer, PayPal, Webmoney and Wire transfer. The minimum threshold amount for payment is $50.

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