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Adsnetwork Review -  H12-Media is a CPC, CPM and CPA revenue model based Ad network under the company “H12 UK LTD” that provides rich advertising banner for publishers and advertisement agencies. H12-Media purchase and sell ads globally, through world’s largest RTB marketplaces to achieve the best eCPM rate with a simple looking website and user-friendly dashboard.

Benefits For publishers

H12-Media offers a Self-serve, easy to use interface to make greater turnover with existing website traffic. They have developed a unique technology stack which helps earn commission from referrals, publishers may also apply CPM floors price to guarantee revneue.
  • Ability to set-up alternative banner codes for unpaid impressions
  • Standard, Sliding & On Video Banners Popups and Popunders
  • Ability to set CPM floors to guarantee your revenues for each 1000 paid impressions
  • US$25 Payment Threshold
  • 10% Referral Revenue Commission
  • Next-Day Payment Scheduling to Paypal or Bank Account

Benefits For Advertisers

They provide self-serve, easy to use interface, helps advertiser to make new customers, increase brand awareness & sales! Pay per viewed banner impression, click or sale(CPC, CPM, CPC basis), Without budget commitments, start advertising with only US$25!
  • Pay per viewed banner by users (CPM), per banner click (CPC) or per conversion (CPA)
  • Image, Script or Server to Server Conversion Tracking Pixels
  • Target user locations by city, state or country
  • Efficiently spend your budget by day of week or hour of day targeting
  • Target users by their device types, operating system, browser name or mobile carrier!
  • Pay as you go service, top-up as low as US$25

Hope this H12-Media Review will be helpful for both publishers and advertisers. In case you have already used it before, please share your experience with us in the comment section below.