√ AdsOptimal Review, Google Adsense Alternative: Disappointing

AdsOptimal Review, Experienced AdsOptimal publisher - There are many alternatives that can be chosen by a blogger to memonetize his blog, in addition to Google Adsense, considering how difficult it is to sign up to be a Google Adsense publisher today. One alternative Google Adsense that can be selected is a publisher in AdsOptimal.

There are several advantages of AdsOptimal , such as the review time is not long. To become an AdsOptimal publisher, it only takes 1 or 2 days to be accepted. The requirements are not as difficult as google adsense.In addition to the time of approval not too long, publisher will also get a bonus of $ 5 after registering and approved as a publisher. Then, a bonus of $ 5 more will be given after publisher put ads on blog or website.

Payout can be done through a paypal account with a minimum payout of $ 50. So the minimum payout required by AdsOptimal is not as big as Google Adsense which entails for $ 100.I myself know AdsOptimal since the beginning of 2015 that I can at the time blogwalking and find a comment on a blog. The commentator said that the best alternative Google Adsense today is AdsOptimal.

Then a few days ago I tried to register to publisher AdsOptimal. I signed up because of curiosity just what is true AdsOptimal can provide a decent amount for my blog.

Long story short, as I read on the internet, it only takes 1 day for me to be accepted as an AdsOptimal publisher. Then I select ads for mobile and for desktop.The types of ads that AdsOptimal provides are two for mobile and desktop displays. Both types of ads can run together without interrupting each other.In the beginning to advertise for desktop, I was confused also how to install it, because after using the usual way to put an ad, but the ads really do not appear too.

Apparently indeed ads from AdsOptimal is not always appear. Sometimes it does not happen sometimes. I try on some computers the same. Sometimes ads appear and sometimes do not show up too.

Experience Ads from Ads Optimal

I placed an AdsOptimal ad on my blog shortly. Only three days. Why only three days? 
In accordance with the title of my writing this time, namely Disappointing. The first thing that makes me disappointed is, the income is small. Very much in comparison to RevenueHits.If with RevenueHits I can generate above $ 1 by using the same blog, in this AdsOptimal I can only $ 0.0x just per day. Of course this is very disappointing.

In addition, how to calculate the impression of his blog was not clear. If in my blog RevenueHits can be calculated an average of 5,000 impressions per day, in AdsOptimal only counted hundreds and most banter only 1700s.

Here's a comparison view of my earnings on AdsOptimal with RevenueHits:

The image above is my earnings from adsoptimal. Compare with my earnings from RevenueHits:
Just imagine, in revenuehits I can get $ 1.26 whereas in AdsOptimal I can only $ 0.03 per day. Very, very unequal.

In addition, the disappointing thing about AdsOptimal from me is the inconsistent revenue reporting. The 29th of September was originally written my earnings were sebear $ 0.16. Then suddenly on September 30 turned into $ 0.12. Very disadvantageous.Based on the comparison of being a publisher in both Google Adsense alternatives, then I prefer to use RevenueHits. In addition to greater income, his income was more consistent.

For those of you who want to register as a publisher at RevenueHits can register at www.revenuehits.com .Meanwhile, if you want to try AdsOptimal to prove my writing this, you can register your blog at www.adsoptimal.com .

So my review of my experience is using AdsOptimal compared to RevenueHits. After reading this paper, you want to choose where? Or if there is a better than RevenueHits besides Google Adsense please add. Hello Blogger!