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Poponclick is an online popup advertising platform or network that generates revenue through the process of advertising over a variety of publisher websites. It offers CPM pop under and pop up advertisements.

It comes under the categories of advertising, marketing and affiliate marketing. Advertisements are made available in this special network for each and every country located all over the world. It usually delivers the highest fill rates and competitive eCPMs when compared to the market standards. Poponclick review each website before approval.It is designed with JavaScript coding which makes the site optimized and very fast in nature. It offers a simple but clean interface to all its users (both the advertisers and the publishers). It does not perform any manual verification under website submission. Instead, the users must receive JavaScript code for the verification to be done.
It does not have any affiliate or referral program now, but is expected to be created in the near future to make an additional profit. Its display gives access to proprietary or non – RTB inventory. It does not support rich media and creative optimization. It permits websites corresponding to any language with a global or world – wide coverage.

It has the efficiency choose the pop up banner sizes appropriate to the demographics of the visitors. A registered user of this network can be able to display the onclick of popups over the website. If a visitor visits the site, popup advertisements are displayed upon the user clicks.

Payment details:

  • Minimum payout in poponclick is 10 US Dollars ($10 USD).
  • It makes on-time payments on a monthly basis to all its users with the help of PayPal
  • Its payment frequency is NET30.
  • Its commission type is CPM or cost per impression.
  • Users having an account balance of more than 100 US Dollars can claim for daily payments, instead of getting monthly payments.

Ad Formats:

Poponclick supports the following types of advertisement formats:
  • Pop up
  • Pop under
The varieties of advertisement sizes in poponclick include 728*90, 120*600, 160*600, 468*60, 300*250 and so on.

Services offered by Poponclick to advertisers:

  • It offers high quality traffic to its advertisers at a very low cost.
  • It focuses on the advertisement quality, thereby increasing the advertisers’ profit rate.

Services offered by Poponclick to publishers:

  • Publishers can produce huge profit with the help of the CPM popup available in the poponclick advertising platform.
  • It gives a higher revenue rate for the generation of impressions.
  • It accepts all kinds of contents from the publishers.
  • It delivers the best solutions of monetization to publishers who manage websites.
  • It gained a lot of trust from the website publishers by generating high revenue for them in a simple and smart manner.
  • In order to analyze the profit rates, the publishers in the network are provided with highly optimized and efficient panel.

Hope this PopOnClick Review will be helpful for both advertisers and publishers. Please share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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