√ PlugRush Review | Native, Banner, Pop Ads and Payment Proof - Ad Review

Plugrush is an innovative online adult advertising platform or network, which came into existence before 10 years. This network was launched in 2007 and is self – serving in nature. It allows the users (both the publishers and advertisers) to sell a better quality traffic, to buy it and even to trade it. Around 30,000 websites are being involved in this global network of advertising. Plugrush Review each website before approval.
Plugrush is well – known for its native ads format since it was the one among the first advertising networks in the world which created this unique format on a large scale.

General Features of Plugrush:

  • Platform nature: It is very simple and provides easy usage, but is most effective when compared to the other advertising platforms.
  • High gain: It helps the users (both the advertisers and publishers) in attaining their goals in marketing thereby ensures a huge profit for them.
  • Safety and security: It safeguards its users from online fraudulence, bots and fake clicks with the help of its own proprietary technology known as anti-fraud technology. The team of dedicated professionals in plugrush are frequently monitoring and updating (making changes) the users’ systems to ensure their safety.
  • Tools: It holds several tools, which are very effective and are highly useful in optimization and filtering.
  • Quality: It mainly focuses on the quality of visitors, who are targeted to visit the site.
  • It contains a simple and effective campaign creator, which lets the users to create campaigns in an easy manner. After the creation of campaigns in few steps, they will be approved by the compliance network within a time of one hour to make them live on the network.
  • It allows the advertisers to buy traffic and the publishers to sell traffic on the network.
  • It provides 24*7 support to all its users.

Services offered to advertsers by plugrush:

  • Plugrush is a world – wide platform for advertising which has its roots globally across the world by reaching a million customers.
  • Advertisers are getting benefited by the multiple advertising formats offered by plugrush, which in turn enhances their ad exposure.
  • Advertisers can buy traffic with the help of its API called conversion tracking, which allows them to forward automatic conversions to the ad campaigns. This in turn enhances their ROI rate.
  • List of rates of ads in different counties for advertisers is available here. List of rates of ads

Services offered to publishers by plugrush:

  • It helps the publishers in getting huge revenue with maximum fill-rates through publishing.
  • It makes payments on-time to its publishers on a weekly basis.
  • Publishers can sell traffic over RTB or Real – Time Bidding, if they have traffic issues.


Ad formats:

  • Ad formats provided by plugrush are created in a unique, standard and innovative manner.
  • The multiple ad formats include banners, mobile redirects, pops and native advertisements.
  • Banners are made available as classic display with a variety of sizes like 728*90px, 300*250px and so on.
  • Mobile redirects deliver appropriate offers to mobile users in order to improve their revenue rates.
  • Pop is a new window or tab on the site of the publishers.
  • Native advertisements are combined with the publishers’ site contents, which produce a huge rate of clicks from the visitors.

Features of Targeting:
  • It is highly targeting on the valuable and worthy audiences by traffic segmenting methodology with the help of its advanced technologies.

Payment Details:

  • The minimum payout in plugrush ranges from 1 US Dollar ($1 USD) to 500 US Dollars ($500 USD).
  • The payment modes include Credit cards, Bank wires, PayPal, etc.
  • The commission types include Cost per click, mobile redirect, pop under and auction.

Hope this PlugRush Review will be helpful for advertisers and publishers. If you have tried this network before. Please share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Monetization Platforms

Websites, Apps

AdNetwork Type


Targeting Method

Geographic, Site-Specific

Ad Formats

Pop up/Pop under, Standard Banners, Native Ads
Mobile Redirects

Publisher Requirments

Not Specified
Not Allowed
Not Allowed
Not Allowed
Not Allowed

Payment Imformation

Net 30
PayPal, Payoneer, Wire transfers