√ How to Make Money from Adsterra

Adsterra Network is an ad network run by a company based in Russia. Launched since 2008, and now has served more than 2 billion impressions every day. Through smart targeting and technology, Adsterra can show the best related ads to their audience based on their geographic location, and past ad results (what people click and convert), these display ads are supported for CPM and allow 100% monetization of their ad inventory .

In addition to having these technologies, Adsterra is also actively working with all of their site partners to increase revenue, while also bringing new ads across the board. To meet site owners and bloggers of all sizes, Adsterra also offers a variety of ad formats, including push-ups, pop-unders, banners, interstitial ads and a large variety of mobile ads.

By effectively targeting their ads to your right audience, Adsterra partnered with GeoEdge, who is the software verifier prime minister to insure the security of online mobile ads and ads. Beyond the mentioned benefits and Adsterra network summary, you can easily sign up through their site and gain access to their main publisher dashboard. 
Adsterra Network offers one of the vastest collection of ad display formats (popunders, banners, push-ups, interstitials, etc.). The Adsterra smart ad platform reaches the right users with advances that target benchmarks: Geo, OS & browsers, device targeting, seller targeting, mobile carrier targeting, day partying, etc. Adsterra Network works with various advertisers and industry.

In contrast to other alternative advertiser sites such as Edomz, PropellerAds, RavanueHits, AdHexa, Popcash, Chitika or Clicksor, the content of ads is mostly downloadable ads that disturb the aesthetics of your website. Adsterra displays ads that are more pleasing to the eye and varied. Ads from Adsterra usually change by hour. If it is 12 PM to 6 PM its advertisement is Lazada Indonesia, 6 PM to 12 PM game advertisement, 12 PM until 6 AM advertisement of stretch sport site.

Adsterra can be said as semi-premium sites. Because it does not just accept all sites. When your blog or site is accepted then you will be sent an e-mail message from your personal manager from Adsterra.

Benefits of Joining Adsterra

For Publishers:
  • The highest eCPM price
  • Large variety of campaigns
  • Displays Real-time statistics
  • Results Live tracking through statistical tools
  • Faithful multilingual personal account manager
  • Quick payments are made through a wide selection of methods
  • Bi-weekly payments
For Advertisers:
  • Real-time monitoring and campaign optimization
  • Solid anti-fraud tracking system
  • Quick access to the acquisition channel's premium traffic
  • Advanced geo & language targeting to reach your audience
  • Advanced targetings, such as daytime, ip ranges, browsers, os, etc
  • Exceptional customer support
Type of ad provided:
  1. Banner
  2. Rich media
  3. Pop ups / unders
  4. Text
  5. Applications / widgets
  6. Custom
  1. Commission Type: CPC / CPM
  2. Minimum payment: The payment is made with a minimum balance of $ 100.
  3. Account funding for Advertisers for at least $ 500
  4. Frequency of payment: Bi-weekly,
  5. The Commission for each Period is paid 15 days after the end of the Period. Publisher payments are processed 2 times a month on 1 and 16. Payments are usually processed from 8 am to 5 pm.
Payment method:
  1. Paypal
  2. Wire transfer
  3. Payoneer  
  4. Webmoney,
  5. ECoin
  6. Payza
  7. EPayments
  8. Paxum

Adsterra does not provide high income like Google Adsense, but when we compare with other adsense alternatives, Adsterra will be the best choice as an alternative.

How sob? Interested to register Asdterra directly visit www.adsterra.com
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