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Adnow is a native online platform or network for advertising, where the advertisers and publishers are encouraged to make huge revenue through the process of advertising. It drives and monetizes traffic in an efficient manner.
It displays attractive native media advertisements and discovers appropriate contents. It also markets and recommends products on the site. This worldwide or global network has reached around 107 countries all over the world. It holds about 1.700 advertisers, 150.000 publishers and 200.000.000 impressions for a day.It was launched in 2014, and it is a self – serving platform that contains a simple and easy – to – use interface. It has a mutual partnership with some of the world’s leading brands such as Amazon, Matomy, Peerfly, Alixpress, Affiliaxe, ebay and so on.

The importance of native advertisements:

In comparison with the classic banner advertisements, the native advertisements will gain an attraction of extra 60%, since they hold several products and contents additionally. The advertisers normally prefer these types of native advertisements in order to double their benefit. Its conversion rates are twice larger than the other kinds of advertisement formats and its CTR is thrice larger than others. Its share has been increasing by 140% in the worldwide market yearly so that it is coming out as a modern trend in the field of advertising. The users’ gain/profit is being increased up to times with the help of native ads.

Services offered by Adnow to the advertisers:

  • It helps the advertisers in buying traffic of the websites and finding the targeted audiences.
  • The advertisers are required to pay only for the site visitors who are viewing the site. But in addition, they are having the freedom to promote several services, products, blog posts, videos and contents without making any payment.
  • The advertisers can use the advanced TARGETING methods like device targeting, Geo-targeting, connection targeting, carrier targeting, browser targeting, OS targeting and so on.

Services offered by Adnow to the publishers:

  • It helps the publishers in monetizing the traffic of their websites effectively.
  • It mainly focuses on female audiences, so that the publishers will be getting huge profit.
  • It provides an extra 5% income to the publishers through its unique referral program.
  • Publishers are making large income by selling traffic over the websites.
  • The automatic content promotion facility in Adnow increases the page views by 50%.

Advertisement formats:

Following are the various types of ad formats supported by Adnow:
  • Native advertisements
  • Hybrid advertisements
  • Banners
adnow ads

Payment Details:

  • It makes on – time payments to the users on a weekly basis.
  • The minimum payout value in Adnow is 20 US Dollars ($20).
  • The payment options include Bank wire and PayPal.

Hope this AdNow Review will be helpful for both advertisers and publishers. In case you have tried it before, please share your experience with us in the comment section below.


Adnow LLP, Las Suite, 5 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1 Dg, UK Partnership No. OC 390789.

Monetization Platforms

Websites, Apps

AdNetwork Type


Targeting Method

Geographic, Device Specific

Ad Formats

Standard Banners, Native Ads
Hybrid Ads

Publisher Requirments

Not Specified
Not Allowed
Not Allowed

Advertiser Requirment

Not Allowed
Not Allowed

Payment Imformation

Net 7
Paypal - 20$, Wire – 200$
PayPal, Wire transfers