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Popcash is an online network or self serving platform for efficient pop type advertising which offers the highest CPM rates when compared to the other advertising networks. It offers an assured success rate with faster approval for campaigns. PopCash review each website manually which may take up to 12 hours.

General features of Popcash:

  • It has a simple and easily usable interface that contains a special option to report malware.
  • It provides complete control to the users so that they are having the authority to start, stop or pause the advertising campaign.
  • It holds a sincere, professional and dedicated team for support that delivers a quick response upon the users’ queries. This support team is highly helping the users as instant or immediate messengers.
  • It offers the complete status update on a hourly basis so that the users can be able to check their profit rates periodically.

Services offered by Popcash to advertisers:

  • The advertisers can enjoy cheaper advertising rates with popcash.
  • It offers a special bidding method for advertisers, who can make direct deposits across the network.
  • It provides effective optimization and targeting strategies.
  • Minimum cost per visitor is $0.001/unique visitor
  • Minimum deposit is only $5.

Services offered by Popcash to publishers:

  • The publishers are getting a huge revenue rate with this exclusive network.
  • Popcash never ignores any site. Instead it allows all kinds of sites including adult sites, streaming sites and warez sites.
  • It frequently checks or monitors the landing pages of the advertisement campaigns and delivers clean and effective advertisements.
  • It pays for each and every visitor visiting the site.
  • It accepts traffic from all around the world (from all countries).
  • It holds a dedicated account manager that is responsible for the management of users’ accounts.

Payment details:

  • Popcash makes on time payments on a daily basis. That means, the users get fast and quick payouts on weekdays.
  • Minimum cashout in Popcash is 10 US Dollars (10$).
  • Minimum cash limit for deposit is 5 US Dollars ($5).
  • Payment methods include Payza, PayPal, WebMoney and Paxum. Out of these payment methods.
  • It makes extra payments to its users via its unique referral program.


Advertisement formats:

Following are some of the ad formats supported by popcash:

The users can click anywhere on the website to trigger pop under ads, which are being displayed on a new window below the internet browser.

Hope this PopCash Review will be helpful for publishers and advertisers. In case you have tried it before, please share your experience with us in the comment section below

PopCash SA District Catedral, San Jose 10104 Costa Rica.

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AdNetwork Type


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Ad Formats

Pop up/Pop under

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Not Specified

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Payment Imformation

Daily on Request
PayPal, Payza