AdGate Media : Best CPA Networks that have Paid Over a Billion Dollar!

AdGate Media is a private CPA incentive network. Our team is comprised of veterans from the incentive industry. We know the ins and outs of being an affiliate in this industry, and we use this to help our affiliates succeed.

We guarantee outstanding support, higher payouts, and a flexible payout schedule. When it comes to incentive marketing, it’s not about who has the most offers, but rather who has the best converting ones. Almost all of our offers have been tested by us to make sure they convert well.
Our custom gateway solution allows you to always be displaying the top converting offers for your visitors. There’s no need to lose money by testing different offers, our gateway will choose the best ones for you.
Affiliates earn more with our network. Don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself.

I’ve been working with AdGate Media for years now.It is a content locking CPA Network run by Dan Sapozhnikov.This is a glimpse of my account:
adgate media affiliate network review
They host mainly incentive offers and are still one of the best content locking networks and pioneers in the business. They have a number of payment options: Papyal,Check,Wire,Payoneer. Payments are always on time,and as a long time affiliate I got it earlier couple of times when I needed it,Dan and Sean are always accesible and ready to help weather is it offer optimization,payments,integration etc
Their offer section may look a bit messy these days cause they added a big number of credit card offers for virtual currency purposes but dont let that fool you. Some of the networks you are currently working with are probably brokering some of their best performing offers (like MgCash) and with good optimization you can get really good EPC. For these purposes I use a nitty “Boost” tab (shown in the picture below) which allows you to set how many time an offer will be shown on your locker. So I let offers run for couple of days and then boost the one that are performing the best for me. Sometimes these are the one with the best NET EPC sometimes not,depending on your content and niche.

adgate media offers

They have a couple of really clean and nice file locker templates you can use,and they work without mistake for both desktop and mobile users.This is one of my favorite called “Red-Black Download”:
adgate media file locker When it comes to content locking Adgate Media is definitely one of my top picks.If you would like to register. Just be sure to send good and legit traffic and you will find this affilate network to be a good and reliable partner for you business.