Adludum - Content Locking Incentive CPA Network

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Adludum is an incentive content locking network. A true next generation content locking network that’s shaped by the voice of the publisher. Every single publisher holds the power to contribute to the network. Our platform and the entire essence of Adludum is to create an environment that’s shaped by the needs of the publisher. Features and workflows that match to how you work, removing limitations and creating freedom for creative thinking. Resulting in a far greater performance than the current norm in this industry.

What can you look for when joining us?
Innovation to unfathomable heights
It’s about time. Innovation, that word has been overused so many times by others for YEARS in the content locking industry. But, how many have been able to truly live up to that word? When was the last time you really saw a network that “WOW-ed” you out both in performance, features and its all-round experience? We introduce new technology and thinking that will change the course of this industry forever. It will inspire publishers to do better and the entire industry to excel further.

A unique approach to content locking
From the tools to the dashboard and overall workflow. Everything we design, is built to make sure it covers all the pragmatic corners that a publisher has to face. Flexible offer optimization, locker designs that encompass a wide range of approaches and tools on the side that will help you gain better insights into your campaigns.

Support that beats any other network
From a publisher-to-publisher level. Personal guidance, campaign optimization and just being there with you during your progression. Each and every publisher is given our fullest attention, no one is left out.

Everything we do is 100% in-house
Adludum grows, continuously
There’s nothing more annoying than to be with a network that sits still, that gives you the same thing over and over again. The willingness of a network to grow further beyond its comfort zone, will inspire its publishers to do the same.

A network that listens to the community
Adludum serves and guides, not command or enforce. Get engaged with us and everyone else, contribute. Become part of an exciting history in the making of which YOU are the central pivot point!

Here’s a short summary of some of the perks you get when you’re working with Adludum:
– Access to exclusive and custom-tailored offers with very competitive payouts.
– A wide variety of unique monetization tools including but not limited to: Link, File and Content Lockers. Our very own tool called LudyFeed that we’ve developed and Relink that will give you the flexibility to display offers to specific users.
– An incredible, in-depth and modular Statistics Center.
– Flexible payment schedules: Weekly / Bi-Weekly / Net-30.
– Being part of a network that thinks outside of the box and puts a heavy emphasis on progressive development.
– A positive community wherein everybody is able to contribute to the overall environment and development of the network.
Dedicated support on a personal level.
– Referral program with a 5% commission rate for life on all yours referral’s earnings.
And so much more.
Are you ready to change the game forever?